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Protein Research
A comprehensive offering of protein preparation products cell and tissue extraction, high-yield isolation and purification, and application-verified detection tools for molecular biology and drug discovery.
Bulk Quotation Request
Use this form to request price and delivery information on critical raw materials in your supply chain, unique and large package sizes or bulk quantities that are not available on the site and any other customization requests
Mass Spectrometry Metabolite Library Protocol
MSMLS™ (Mass Spectrometry Metabolite Library of Standards) is a collection of high quality small biochemical molecules that span a broad range of primary metabolism. These are high purity (>95%) compounds supplied in an economical, ready-to-use format.
Enzymes for Alternative Energy Research
We are committed to help unlock the today’s challenge of releasing the energy of glucose that nature has cleverly locked into lignocellulosic biomass. To the untrained eye, starch and cellulose structures appear almost identical. Yet the barriers between cellulosic biomass
Ion Channel Flux Assays and Protocols
A review and resources for ion channel flux assays and protocols, along with liposome formation and proteoliposome preparation protocols
The possible causes and potential remedies for challenges encountered as a result of blocking, washing, antibody incubation, and detection/exposure of Western blots
Lysosome Isolation Kit
Lysosomes are organelles ubiquitously distributed in most pro- and eukaryotic cells. The Lysosome Isolation Kit provides a method for isolating lysosomes from animal tissues and from cultured cells by differential centrifugation followed by density gradient centrifugation and/or calcium precipitation.
RPC Purification Options and Scale up with SOURCE™ Media
The different stages of working with SOURCE™ (Cytiva) for high-resolution separation are discussed, from purification to polishing and scaling up
Although actin is one of the most conserved eukaryotic proteins, it is expressed as six isoforms characterized by electrophoresis and amino acid sequence analysis. Four of the six isoforms represent differentiation markers of muscle tissues. The other two are found
Smart Nanofiber Meshes as a Local Drug Delivery Platform
Professor Mitsuhiro Ebara provides insights on several types of smart nanofiber mesh systems that have been explored for different drug delivery purposes.
Horseradish Peroxidase (HRP) Enzymes
Discover our peroxidase from horseradish enzymes, products, substrates, and inhibitors for your ELISA, immunoassay, and protein application needs.
LPL Activity Assay Protocol
Lipoprotein lipase (LPL) hydrolyzes triglycerides associated with VLDL.
cOmplete™ His-Tag Purification Resin Protocol & Troubleshooting
cOmplete™ His-Tag Purification Resin Protocol & Troubleshooting
Vendrell Group – Professor Product Portal
Optical imaging has revolutionized our understanding of how biological systems behave at a molecular level. In our group we develop Dynamic Activatable Fluorophores (DYNAFLUORS) as chemical probes to image molecular events associated to inflammation and cancer.
Waser Group – Professor Product Portal
The Waser laboratory is working on the development of non-conventional bond disconnections using the unique properties of hypervalent iodine reagents. In particular, they discovered the exceptional properties of 1-[(triisopropylsilyl)ethynyl]-1,2-benziodoxol-3(1H)-one (TIPS-EBX) for electrophilic alkynylation.
Willis Group – Professor Product Portal
Research in the Willis group is focused on the development of new catalysts and reactions for synthetic chemistry. The group is particularly interested in addressing synthetic challenges that are applicable to the pharmaceutical and agrochemical industries.
Winter Group – Professor Product Portal
Research in the Winter lab focuses on the development of new chemical tools for biological and medical applications. Philosophically, we take the view that many problems in biology are at heart problems in mechanistic physical organic chemistry
Wulff Group – Professor Product Portal
The research areas of interest to the Wulff group include enantioselective catalysis, mechanisms of asymmetric catalysis, macromolecular chemistry, Fischer carbene complexes in organic synthesis and the total synthesis of natural products.
Yu Group – Professor Product Portal
The Yu program centers around the discovery of catalytic carbon–carbon and carbon–heteroatom bond forming reactions based on C–H activation. Target transformations are selected to enable 1) the use of simple and abundant starting materials such as aliphatic acids, amines and
Birman Group – Professor Product Portal
The main focus of research in the Birman group is on the de novo design of asymmetric catalysts and reagents. As part of this effort, they have developed Amidine-Based Catalysts, or ABCs, and demonstrated their high enantioselectivity in many asymmetric
Yamamoto Group – Professor Product Portal
The Yamamoto group has employed several applications in catalysis.
Zhang Group – Professor Product Portal
The major research thrust in Professor Liming Zhang’s group is homogeneous gold catalysis ranging from discovery of novel reactivities, design of new ligands, development of versatile synthetic methods and application in natural product synthesis.
Blum Group – Professor Product Portal
The Blum Group is designing technology that accesses organoboron building blocks via unique bond disconnections and with high functional group tolerance. This includes bromides and esters that are incompatible with major competing methods. These heterocyclic organoboron building blocks provide rapid
Garg Group – Professor Product Portal
The Garg group develops methods for the synthesis of natural products and pharmaceuticals. One key method pertains to heterocyclic arynes, such as indolynes and pyridynes, which are generated in situ from silyltriflate precursors under mild fluoride based reaction conditions.
Ngai Group – Professor Product Portal
Ngai lab focuses on the development of novel reagents and radical strategies to access open-shell reactive species for the formation of carbon-carbon and carbon-heteroatom bonds.
Rovis Group – Professor Product Portal
The Rovis group is interested in a broad scope of catalytic reactions and employs both metal and non-metal catalysts to achieve them.
Sharpless Group – Professor Product Portal
The Sharpless Lab pursues useful new reactivity and general methods for selectively controlling chemical reactions.
Shibasaki Group – Professor Product Portal
Professor Shibasaki's research focuses on the development of novel cooperative asymmetric catalytic systems that allowed for streamlined synthesis of enantioenriched high-value chiral building blocks.
Strauss Group – Professor Product Portal
The Strauss group has been among the leaders in the synthesis and applications of new superweak anions for the past three decades.
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