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Yang-peng Sun et al.
PloS one, 9(7), e101896-e101896 (2014-07-09)
Multipotent mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) found in the synovial fluid (SFMSCs) of the tempromandibular joint (TMJ) remain poorly understood. During TMJ arthrocentesis, we discovered that synovial fluid collected from some patients with TMJ disorders contained not only SFMSCs but also
Małgorzata Zygmunt et al.
Acta poloniae pharmaceutica, 70(5), 899-904 (2013-10-24)
This work aimed to investigate the effect of lipoic acid (LA) on sulfane sulfur (S*) level, infiltration of neutrophils and vascular permeability in a model of zymosan-induced peritonitis. The study showed that lipoic acid increased the sulfane sulfur level. Also
Hiram Luna-Munguia et al.
The Journal of pharmacology and experimental therapeutics, 352(2), 368-378 (2014-12-17)
As a member of the multidrug-resistance associated protein (MRP) family, MRP2 affects the brain entry of different endogenous and exogenous compounds. Considering the role of this transporter at the blood-brain barrier, the regulation is of particular interest. However, there is
Katja Pajula et al.
Molecular pharmaceutics, 11(7), 2271-2279 (2014-05-16)
Combinatorial chemistry has enabled the production of very potent drugs that might otherwise suffer from poor solubility and low oral bioavailability. One approach to increase solubility is to make the drug amorphous, which leads to problems associated with drug stability.
Yong Sang Kim et al.
The American journal of sports medicine, 42(10), 2424-2434 (2014-08-12)
Marrow stimulation for the treatment of osteochondral lesions of the talus (OLTs) is controversial in patients with poor prognostic factors of OLTs. Currently, mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) are expected to biologically augment the treatment of OLTs. To compare the clinical
C Pergola et al.
British journal of pharmacology, 171(12), 3051-3064 (2014-03-20)
Leukotrienes (LTs) are inflammatory mediators produced via the 5-lipoxygenase (5-LOX) pathway and are linked to diverse disorders, including asthma, allergic rhinitis and cardiovascular diseases. We recently identified the benzimidazole derivative BRP-7 as chemotype for anti-LT agents by virtual screening targeting
Partha Pratim Saha et al.
Indian journal of experimental biology, 52(8), 763-772 (2014-08-22)
Nanoscience and Nanotechnology have found their way in the fields of pharmacology and medicine. The conjugation of drug to nanoparticles combines the properties of both. In this study, gold nanoparticle (GNP) was conjugated with NKCT1, a cytotoxic protein toxin from
Rekha Jakhar et al.
International immunopharmacology, 22(2), 356-365 (2014-07-30)
Morin, a natural flavonoid that is the primary bioactive constituent of the family Moraceae, has been found to be associated with many therapeutic properties. In this study, we evaluated the immunomodulatory activities of increasing concentration of morin hydrate in vitro.
Mei Hua Jiang et al.
Cell research, 24(12), 1466-1485 (2014-11-25)
The ability to identify and isolate lineage-specific stem cells from adult tissues could facilitate cell replacement therapy. Leydig cells (LCs) are the primary source of androgen in the mammalian testis, and the prospective identification of stem Leydig cells (SLCs) may
Noriaki Kawanabe et al.
Clinical oral investigations, 19(2), 363-371 (2014-05-28)
It is well accepted that stage-specific embryonic antigen (SSEA)-4 is an antigen that is useful to isolate adult stem cells analogous to embryonic stem cells. Therefore, in the present study, we investigated whether SSEA-4 can also be used as a
Samer Alabed et al.
The Cochrane database of systematic reviews, 8(8), CD010652-CD010652 (2014-08-29)
Pericarditis is the inflammation of the pericardium, the membranous sac surrounding the heart. Recurrent pericarditis is the most common complication of acute pericarditis, causing severe and disabling chest pains. Recurrent pericarditis affects one in three patients with acute pericarditis within
Yu-Zhou Xiao et al.
Molecular medicine reports, 11(2), 1146-1152 (2014-11-06)
The use of artificial nerves for the repair of peripheral nerve defects is restricted by the limited sources of Schwann cells (SCs). Human mesenchymal stem cell (MSC)‑derived Schwann‑like cells are considered an alternative and desirable cell source. The aim of
M Y Jeong et al.
International journal of obesity (2005), 39(3), 456-464 (2014-08-12)
To investigate the anti-obesity effect of Rubi Fructus (RF) extract using brown adipose tissue (BAT) and primary brown preadipocytes in vivo and in vitro. Male C57BL/6 J mice (n=5 per group) were fed a high-fat diet (HFD) for 10 weeks with
James R F Hockley et al.
Pain, 155(10), 1962-1975 (2014-06-28)
Chronic visceral pain affects millions of individuals worldwide and remains poorly understood, with current therapeutic options constrained by gastrointestinal adverse effects. Visceral pain is strongly associated with inflammation and distension of the gut. Here we report that the voltage-gated sodium
Dongfei Liu et al.
Journal of controlled release : official journal of the Controlled Release Society, 170(2), 268-278 (2013-06-13)
Nanoparticulate drug delivery systems offer remarkable opportunities for clinical treatment. However, there are several challenges when they are employed to deliver multiple cargos/payloads, particularly concerning the synchronous delivery of small molecular weight drugs and relatively larger peptides. Since porous silicon
H Claude Sagi et al.
Journal of orthopaedic trauma, 28(7), 377-383 (2014-03-15)
To determine if indomethacin has a positive clinical effect for the prophylaxis of heterotopic ossification (HO) after acetabular fracture surgery. To determine whether indomethacin affects the union rate of acetabular fractures. Prospective randomized double-blinded trial. Level 1 regional trauma center.
L Pelligand et al.
Journal of veterinary pharmacology and therapeutics, 37(4), 354-366 (2014-03-19)
Robenacoxib and ketoprofen are acidic nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). Both are licensed for once daily administration in the cat, despite having short blood half-lives. This study reports the pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic (PK/PD) modelling of each drug in a feline model of inflammation.
Keyue Shen et al.
Nature communications, 5, 5662-5662 (2014-12-10)
Tumour-stromal interactions are a determining factor in cancer progression. In vivo, the interaction interface is associated with spatially resolved distributions of cancer and stromal phenotypes. Here, we establish a micropatterned tumour-stromal assay (μTSA) with laser capture microdissection to control the
Dina Gaynullina et al.
FEBS letters, 589(10), 1164-1170 (2015-03-31)
Pannexin 1 (Panx1) is involved in endothelium-dependent vasodilation in large arteries, but the exact mechanistic role remains poorly understood. We hypothesized that Panx1 facilitates large vessel relaxations regulating endothelium-derived hyperpolarization (EDH)-like mechanisms. The EDH-like component of acetylcholine-induced relaxation of saphenous
Hossein Nejadnik et al.
Stem cell reviews and reports, 11(2), 242-253 (2015-01-13)
Human induced pluripotent stem cells (hiPSCs) have demonstrated great potential for hyaline cartilage regeneration. However, current approaches for chondrogenic differentiation of hiPSCs are complicated and inefficient primarily due to intermediate embryoid body formation, which is required to generate endodermal, ectodermal
Donna M Sosnoski et al.
Clinical & experimental metastasis, 32(4), 335-344 (2015-03-10)
Breast cancer can reoccur, often as bone metastasis, many years if not decades after the primary tumor has been treated. The factors that stimulate dormant metastases to grow are not known, but bone metastases are often associated with skeletal trauma.
Manoj N Malviya et al.
The Cochrane database of systematic reviews, 3(3), CD003951-CD003951 (2013-04-02)
A patent ductus arteriosus (PDA) with significant left to right shunt increases morbidity and mortality in preterm infants. Early closure of the ductus arteriosus may be achieved pharmacologically or by surgery. The preferred initial treatment of a symptomatic PDA, surgical
Mei Yan Lee et al.
PLoS computational biology, 11(2), e1004118-e1004118 (2015-02-28)
Since platelet intracellular calcium mobilization [Ca(t)]i controls granule release, cyclooxygenase-1 and integrin activation, and phosphatidylserine exposure, blood clotting simulations require prediction of platelet [Ca(t)]i in response to combinatorial agonists. Pairwise Agonist Scanning (PAS) deployed all single and pairwise combinations of
Shigeo Hayashi et al.
Journal of enzyme inhibition and medicinal chemistry, 29(6), 846-867 (2014-02-13)
Because of the pivotal role of cyclooxygenase (COX) in the inflammatory processes, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) that suppress COX activities have been used clinically for the treatment of inflammatory diseases/syndromes; however, traditional NSAIDs exhibit serious side-effects such as gastrointestinal damage
Yu-Hua Chao et al.
PloS one, 9(10), e110338-e110338 (2014-10-23)
Sepsis remains an important cause of death worldwide, and vigorous immune responses during sepsis could be beneficial for bacterial clearance but at the price of collateral damage to self tissues. Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) have been found to modulate the
Meltem Kolgazi et al.
The Journal of surgical research, 193(1), 111-118 (2014-08-02)
Indomethacin is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug, which is known to produce serious side effects, causing ulcerative lesions. Nesfatin-1, a newly identified anorexigenic peptide, was recently shown to have neuroprotective effects. The aim of the study was to investigate the anti-inflammatory
K C Sekar et al.
Journal of perinatology : official journal of the California Perinatal Association, 28 Suppl 1, S60-S62 (2008-06-18)
Persistent patent ductus arteriosus (PDA) in preterm infants can result in serious hemodynamic changes causing respiratory, gastrointestinal and renal morbidities if not treated within the first week of life. The treatment options available are a conservative approach, pharmacological treatment with
JID VisualDx quiz: May 2014.
Tejas Patel et al.
The Journal of investigative dermatology, 134(5), 1-2 (2014-04-16)
Scott J Schachtele et al.
Glia, 62(10), 1582-1594 (2014-06-04)
Engagement of the programmed death (PD)-1 receptor on activated cells by its ligand (PD-L1) is a mechanism for suppression of activated T-lymphocytes. Microglia, the resident inflammatory cells of the brain, are important for pathogen detection and initiation of innate immunity
Kentaro Nagane et al.
International journal of pharmaceutics, 475(1-2), 364-371 (2014-08-19)
The purpose of this study is to establish a novel approach for preparing a solid dispersion drug product using spherical silicate by a Wurster-type fluidized bed granulator. The spherical silicate used in this study has porous structure and ideal particle
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