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Timothy D Rohrbach et al.
International journal of oncology, 46(3), 1079-1088 (2014-12-20)
Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer related deaths. Common molecular drivers of lung cancer are mutations in receptor tyrosine kinases (RTKs) leading to activation of the phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase (PI3K)/Akt pro-growth, pro-survival signaling pathways. Myristoylated alanine rich C-kinase substrate
Deepak Kaul et al.
Molecular immunology, 64(1), 210-217 (2014-12-17)
The paracaspase mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue 1 (MALT1) has been widely recognized to play crucial role in lymphocyte activation, development and the generation of lymphomas through the modulation of innate and adaptive immune responses. Our results reported here provide evidence for
Camelia A Danilov et al.
Experimental neurology, 266, 147-160 (2015-02-24)
Previous studies indicate that conditional genetic deletion of phosphatase and tensin homolog (PTEN) in neonatal mice enhances the ability of axons to regenerate following spinal cord injury (SCI) in adults. Here, we assessed whether deleting PTEN in adult neurons post-SCI
Jaymes Beech et al.
Bioconjugate chemistry, 26(3), 529-536 (2015-02-19)
High-throughput screening of combinatorial chemical libraries is a powerful approach for identifying targeted molecules. The display of combinatorial peptide libraries on the surface of bacteriophages offers a rapid, economical way to screen billions of peptides for specific binding properties and
Ya He et al.
Cell transplantation, 23(6), 747-760 (2013-07-03)
Although neural stem cell (NSC) transplantation is widely expected to become a therapy for nervous system degenerative diseases and injuries, the low neuronal differentiation rate of NSCs transplanted into the inner ear is a major obstacle for the successful treatment
Sabine Giesbert et al.
PloS one, 9(5), e95172-e95172 (2014-05-07)
In phytopathogenic fungi the establishment and maintenance of polarity is not only essential for vegetative growth and differentiation, but also for penetration and colonization of host tissues. We investigated orthologs of members of the yeast polarity complex in the grey
Santiago Roura et al.
International journal of cardiology, 176(3), 805-814 (2014-08-19)
Idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy (IDCM) is characterized by adverse ventricular remodeling attributed to altered activity of extracellular matrix metalloproteinase (MMP). MMP overactivation is linked to changes in extracellular signal-regulated kinases (ERK), reportedly modulated by the low-density lipoprotein receptor-related protein 1 (LRP1)
Katrin Paulsen et al.
BioMed research international, 2015, 538786-538786 (2015-02-06)
Cells of the immune system are highly sensitive to altered gravity, and the monocyte as well as the macrophage function is proven to be impaired under microgravity conditions. In our study, we investigated the surface expression of ICAM-1 protein and
David Daudé et al.
Natural product reports, 29(9), 945-960 (2012-07-06)
Sucrose is a widespread carbohydrate in nature and is involved in many biological processes. Its natural abundance makes it a very appealing renewable raw material for the synthetic production of high-valued molecules. To further diversify the structure and the inherent
Céline Caillava et al.
Neurobiology of aging, 35(7), 1570-1581 (2014-02-06)
The β-amyloid precursor protein undergoes cleavages by β- and γ-secretasses yielding amyloid-β peptides (Aβ) that accumulate in Alzheimer's disease. Subsequently, Aβ peptides are targets of additional truncations or endoproteolytic cleavages explaining the diversity of Aβ-related fragments recovered in cell media
Esther Serrano-Pertierra et al.
Journal of leukocyte biology, 96(3), 437-445 (2014-05-08)
Membrane rafts are microdomains of the plasma membrane that have multiple biological functions. The involvement of these structures in the biology of T cells, namely in signal transduction by the TCR, has been widely studied. However, the role of membrane
Eric Chabrol et al.
Biophysical journal, 108(3), 666-677 (2015-02-05)
Langerin, a trimeric C-type lectin specifically expressed in Langerhans cells, has been reported to be a pathogen receptor through the recognition of glycan motifs by its three carbohydrate recognition domains (CRD). In the context of HIV-1 (human immunodeficiency virus-1) transmission
Rostislav Chudnovskiy et al.
PloS one, 9(10), e108408-e108408 (2014-10-09)
To determine the metabolic effects of grapefruit juice consumption we established a model in which C57Bl/6 mice drank 25-50% sweetened GFJ, clarified of larger insoluble particles by centrifugation (cGFJ), ad libitum as their sole source of liquid or isocaloric and
Aki Makanae et al.
Developmental biology, 396(1), 57-66 (2014-10-07)
Urodele amphibians have remarkable organ regeneration capability, and their limb regeneration capability has been investigated as a representative phenomenon. In the early 19th century, nerves were reported to be an essential tissue for the successful induction of limb regeneration. Nerve
Ya-Jian Zhang et al.
PloS one, 9(12), e116056-e116056 (2015-01-01)
A spontaneous late-ripening mutant of 'Jincheng' (C. sinensis L. Osbeck) sweet orange exhibited a delay of fruit pigmentation and harvesting. In this work, we studied the processes of orange fruit ripening through the comparative analysis between the Jincheng mutant and
Grégory Arnal et al.
Applied and environmental microbiology, 81(1), 31-39 (2014-10-12)
Biocatalysts are essential for the development of bioprocesses efficient for plant biomass degradation. Previously, a metagenomic clone containing DNA from termite gut microbiota was pinpointed in a functional screening that revealed the presence of arabinofuranosidase activity. Subsequent genetic and bioinformatic
Esak Lee et al.
Scientific reports, 4, 5853-5853 (2014-07-30)
Tumor lymphatic vessels (LV) serve as a conduit of tumor cell dissemination, due to their leaky nature and secretion of tumor-recruiting factors. Though lymphatic endothelial cells (LEC) lining the LV express distinct factors (also called lymphangiocrine factors), these factors and
Stefano Toldo et al.
Cardiovascular research, 105(2), 203-212 (2014-12-20)
The NLRP3 inflammasome is activated in the ischaemic heart promoting caspase-1 activation, inflammation, and cell death. Ischaemic injury establishes both a priming signal (transcription of inflammasome components) and a trigger (NLRP3 activation). Whether NLRP3 activation, without priming, induces cardiac dysfunction
Tsutomu Kamiyama et al.
The Journal of neuroscience : the official journal of the Society for Neuroscience, 35(3), 1181-1191 (2015-01-23)
The corticospinal (CS) tract is essential for voluntary movement, but what we know about the organization and development of the CS tract remains limited. To determine the total cortical area innervating the seventh cervical spinal cord segment (C7), which controls
Taesun Eom et al.
The Journal of cell biology, 207(2), 237-252 (2014-10-22)
In neurons, translational regulation of gene expression has been implicated in the activity-dependent management of synapto-dendritic protein repertoires. However, the fundamentals of stimulus-modulated translational control in neurons remain poorly understood. Here we describe a mechanism in which regulatory brain cytoplasmic
Samo Mahnič-Kalamiza et al.
Biochimica et biophysica acta, 1838(7), 1950-1966 (2014-03-25)
In many electroporation applications mass transport in biological tissue is of primary concern. This paper presents a theoretical advancement in the field and gives some examples of model use in electroporation applications. The study focuses on post-treatment solute diffusion. We
Xiu Rong Qin et al.
The Chinese journal of dental research : the official journal of the Scientific Section of the Chinese Stomatological Association (CSA), 16(1), 63-69 (2013-07-24)
To evaluate the genotypic diversity and some virulence traits of Streptococcus sobrinus (S. sobrinus) isolated from caries-free children and children suffering severe early childhood caries (SECC). S. sobrinus isolated from stimulated whole saliva samples of 91 caries-free children and 87
Mitra Rahmati et al.
Journal of the science of food and agriculture, 95(5), 1055-1065 (2014-06-21)
The literature abounds with the impacts of drought conditions on the concentration of non-structural compounds (NSC) in peach fruits without distinction as to the direct effect of drought on fruit metabolism and its indirect effect through dilution. Moreover, there is
C Xu et al.
Oncogene, 34(3), 281-289 (2014-01-15)
Mdm2 is a critical negative regulator of the tumor suppressor protein p53. Mdm2 is an E3 ligase whose overexpression leads to functional inactivation of p53. Mdm2 protein stability is regulated by several mechanisms including RING (Really Interesting New Gene) domain-mediated
Eun Ji Chung et al.
Advanced healthcare materials, 4(3), 367-376 (2014-08-27)
Atherosclerosis is a multifactorial inflammatory disease that can progress silently for decades and result in myocardial infarction, stroke, and death. Diagnostic imaging technologies have made great strides to define the degree of atherosclerotic plaque burden through the severity of arterial
Margaret Simons et al.
Plant physiology, 166(3), 1659-1674 (2014-09-25)
Maize (Zea mays) is an important C4 plant due to its widespread use as a cereal and energy crop. A second-generation genome-scale metabolic model for the maize leaf was created to capture C4 carbon fixation and investigate nitrogen (N) assimilation
Zeinab Neshati et al.
PloS one, 9(7), e102433-e102433 (2014-07-17)
Cell-to-cell fusion can be quantified by endowing acceptor and donor cells with latent reporter genes/proteins and activators of these genes/proteins, respectively. One way to accomplish this goal is by using a bipartite lentivirus vector (LV)-based cell fusion assay system in
Ruth B S Harris et al.
Physiology & behavior, 138, 208-218 (2014-12-03)
Rats offered 30% sucrose solution in addition to chow and water become leptin resistant therefore we investigated the effect of sucrose solution consumption on leptin signaling. In Experiment 1 rats were resistant to 3rd ventricle injections of1.5 μg leptin after
Dongguo Wang et al.
Journal of medical microbiology, 63(Pt 7), 981-987 (2014-04-10)
Three Klebsiella pneumoniae isolates exhibiting high-level resistance to carbapenem were analysed by PCR, PFGE, gene mapping, plasmid conjugation and Southern blot hybridization using a blaKPC probe. In addition to the frequently reported blaKPC-2 and blaKPC-3 genes, a novel blaKPC-15 gene
N K K Boaduo et al.
Pharmaceutical biology, 52(6), 756-761 (2014-02-25)
Numerous plants are used by the local communities of South Africa for the treatment and management of type II diabetes. For this study, we undertook a survey of the plants sold for the management of diabetes in the town of
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