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Glucocorticoid Receptor Signaling Activates TEAD4 to Promote Breast Cancer Progression.

Cancer research (2019-07-11)
Lingli He, Liang Yuan, Yang Sun, Pingyang Wang, Hailin Zhang, Xue Feng, Zuoyun Wang, Wenxiang Zhang, Chuanyu Yang, Yi Arial Zeng, Yun Zhao, Ceshi Chen, Lei Zhang

The Hippo pathway plays a critical role in cell growth and tumorigenesis. The activity of TEA domain transcription factor 4 (TEAD4) determines the output of Hippo signaling; however, the regulation and function of TEAD4 has not been explored extensively. Here, we identified glucocorticoids (GC) as novel activators of TEAD4. GC treatment facilitated glucocorticoid receptor (GR)-dependent nuclear accumulation and transcriptional activation of TEAD4. TEAD4 positively correlated with GR expression in human breast cancer, and high expression of TEAD4 predicted poor survival of patients with breast cancer. Mechanistically, GC activation promoted GR interaction with TEAD4, forming a complex that was recruited to the TEAD4 promoter to boost its own expression. Functionally, the activation of TEAD4 by GC promoted breast cancer stem cells maintenance, cell survival, metastasis, and chemoresistance both in vitro and in vivo. Pharmacologic inhibition of TEAD4 inhibited GC-induced breast cancer chemoresistance. In conclusion, our study reveals a novel regulation and functional role of TEAD4 in breast cancer and proposes a potential new strategy for breast cancer therapy. SIGNIFICANCE: This study provides new insight into the role of glucocorticoid signaling in breast cancer, with potential for clinical translation.

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Insulin from bovine pancreas, powder, BioReagent, suitable for cell culture
Dulbecco′s Modified Eagle′s Medium/Nutrient Mixture F-12 Ham, With 15 mM HEPES and sodium bicarbonate, without L-glutamine, liquid, sterile-filtered, suitable for cell culture
Horse Serum, Donor herd, USA origin, sterile-filtered, suitable for cell culture, suitable for hybridoma
Hydrocortisone, ≥98% (HPLC)
3-(Biphenyl-4-yl)-5-(4-tert-butylphenyl)-4-phenyl-4H-1,2,4-triazole, 97%