A universal method for depositing patterned materials in situ.

Nature communications (2020-10-23)
Yifan Chen, Siu Fai Hung, Wing Ki Lo, Yang Chen, Yang Shen, Kim Kafenda, Jia Su, Kangwei Xia, Sen Yang

Current techniques of patterned material deposition require separate steps for patterning and material deposition. The complexity and harsh working conditions post serious limitations for fabrication. Here, we introduce a single-step and easy-to-adapt method that can deposit materials in-situ. Its methodology is based on the semiconductor nanoparticle assisted photon-induced chemical reduction and optical trapping. This universal mechanism can be used for depositing a large selection of materials including metals, insulators and magnets, with quality on par with current technologies. Patterning with several materials together with optical-diffraction-limited resolution and accuracy can be achieved from macroscopic to microscopic scale. Furthermore, the setup is naturally compatible with optical microscopy based measurements, thus sample characterisation and material deposition can be realised in-situ. Various devices fabricated with this method in 2D or 3D show it is ready for deployment in practical applications. This method will provide a distinct tool in material technology.

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Nickel(II) chloride, 98%