Slc7a5 alters Kvβ-mediated regulation of Kv1.2.

The Journal of general physiology (2020-04-21)
Shawn M Lamothe, Harley T Kurata

The voltage-gated potassium channel Kv1.2 plays a pivotal role in neuronal excitability and is regulated by a variety of known and unknown extrinsic factors. The canonical accessory subunit of Kv1.2, Kvβ, promotes N-type inactivation and cell surface expression of the channel. We recently reported that a neutral amino acid transporter, Slc7a5, alters the function and expression of Kv1.2. In the current study, we investigated the effects of Slc7a5 on Kv1.2 in the presence of Kvβ1.2 subunits. We observed that Slc7a5-induced suppression of Kv1.2 current and protein expression was attenuated with cotransfection of Kvβ1.2. However, gating effects mediated by Slc7a5, including disinhibition and a hyperpolarizing shift in channel activation, were observed together with Kvβ-mediated inactivation, indicating convergent regulation of Kv1.2 by both regulatory proteins. Slc7a5 influenced several properties of Kvβ-induced inactivation of Kv1.2, including accelerated inactivation, a hyperpolarizing shift and greater extent of steady-state inactivation, and delayed recovery from inactivation. These modified inactivation properties were also apparent in altered deactivation of the Kv1.2/Kvβ/Slc7a5 channel complex. Taken together, these findings illustrate a functional interaction arising from simultaneous regulation of Kv1.2 by Kvβ and Slc7a5, leading to powerful effects on Kv1.2 expression, gating, and overall channel function.

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