[Use of oral oxybutynin at 7.5 mg per day in primary hyperhidrosis].

Revue medicale de Liege (2012-11-22)
C Try, R Messikh, A Elkhyat, F Aubin, R P Humbert

Oxybutynin is being increasingly being prescribed in the treatment of hyperhidrosis but currently, there is no precise dosage for this treatment. Nine patients were treated for primary hyperhidrosis resistant to conventional therapies with oxybutynin between January to May 2010. The treatment was progressively increased at 7.5 mg per day. Oxybutynin efficacy was evaluated by iodine starch test and biometrological measurements at 2 and 4 weeks of treatment. Hyperhidrosis Disease Severity Scale (HDSS) and Dermatology Life Quality Index (DLQI) were obtained for each patient. The means of HDSS and DLQI were respectively 3.2 +/- 0.7 and 17.0 +/- 5.1 before treatment and were 1.8 +/- 0.4 and 4.6 +/- 4.4 at 4 weeks of treatment. Oxybutynin at 7.5 mg per day significantly decreased intensity and area of sweat for palms but not for soles. Trans Epidermal Water Loss, conductance, pH and Skin temperature were modified with treatment. Oxybutynin at 7.5 mg per day has improved patient's quality of life. Efficiency of oxybutynin in primary palmar hyperhidrosis was proved by biometrological measurements and iodine starch test.

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Oxybutynin chloride, ≥98% (TLC), powder
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