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Galactosylated chitosan nanoparticles for hepatocyte-targeted delivery of oridonin.

International journal of pharmaceutics (2012-06-27)
Dandan Zheng, Cunxian Duan, Dianrui Zhang, Lejiao Jia, Guangpu Liu, Yue Liu, Feihu Wang, Caiyun Li, Hejian Guo, Qiang Zhang

In this study, oridonin-loaded nanoparticles coated with galactosylated chitosan (ORI-GC-NP) were prepared for tumor targeting and their characteristics were evaluated for the morphologies, particle size and zeta potential. Oridonin-loaded nanoparticles (ORI-NP) without galactosylated chitosan were prepared as a control. The entrapment efficiency of ORI-GC-NP and ORI-NP were 72.15% and 85.31%, respectively. The in vitro drug release behavior from nanoparticles displayed biphasic drug release pattern with initial burst release and consequently sustained release. Next, the pharmacokinetics and tissue distribution of ORI-GC-NP, ORI-NP and ORI solution were carried out. Pharmacokinetic analysis showed that ORI-GC-NP and ORI-NP could prolong the drug plasma levels compared with ORI solution. Meanwhile, the distribution of ORI-GC-NP to liver was higher than that of ORI-NP and free drug. In conclusion, ORI-GC-NP, as a promising intravenous drug delivery system for ORI, could be developed as an alternative to the conventional ORI preparations.

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Oridonin, ≥98% (HPLC), solid