Confocal multiview light-sheet microscopy.

Nature communications (2015-11-26)
Gustavo de Medeiros, Nils Norlin, Stefan Gunther, Marvin Albert, Laura Panavaite, Ulla-Maj Fiuza, Francesca Peri, Takashi Hiiragi, Uros Krzic, Lars Hufnagel

Selective-plane illumination microscopy has proven to be a powerful imaging technique due to its unsurpassed acquisition speed and gentle optical sectioning. However, even in the case of multiview imaging techniques that illuminate and image the sample from multiple directions, light scattering inside tissues often severely impairs image contrast. Here we combine multiview light-sheet imaging with electronic confocal slit detection implemented on modern camera sensors. In addition to improved imaging quality, the electronic confocal slit detection doubles the acquisition speed in multiview setups with two opposing illumination directions allowing simultaneous dual-sided illumination. Confocal multiview light-sheet microscopy eliminates the need for specimen-specific data fusion algorithms, streamlines image post-processing, easing data handling and storage.

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