Markers for Molecular Biology Gels

We offer a variety of markers that aid size determination of samples separated by agarose and/or polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. These products include markers for DNA, PCR fragments and RNA and can be concurrently run with the samples. All the markers stain well with common nucleic acid stains.

Standard DNA Markers

Standard DNA markers are generated by restriction digestion of plasmid and deproteinization of the DNA fragments. The molecular weight of the digested DNA fragments determines the distance they would migrate on the gel. The standard DNA markers are useful in size determination of dsDNA as well as PCR-generated DNA fragments.

The 1 kb DNA Ladder is particularly popular as it can be used to determine the size of most medium-sized plasmids and DNA fragments. The marker is suitable for normal size gels, where DNA fragments will separate within a relatively short distance.

For more information on selecting appropriate markers, please visit the Markers and Ladders Selection Guide.


Digested DNA Markers

Digested DNA markers are generated by the digestion of plasmid by specific restriction enzyme. These markers are useful in size determination of digested DNA fragments.


PCR Markers

These markers contain smaller DNA fragments that are useful in size determination of PCR fragments.