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Seipin Facilitates Triglyceride Flow to Lipid Droplet and Counteracts Droplet Ripening via Endoplasmic Reticulum Contact.

Developmental cell (2019-06-11)
Veijo T Salo, Shiqian Li, Helena Vihinen, Maarit Hölttä-Vuori, Abel Szkalisity, Peter Horvath, Ilya Belevich, Johan Peränen, Christoph Thiele, Pentti Somerharju, Hongxia Zhao, Alexandre Santinho, Abdou Rachid Thiam, Eija Jokitalo, Elina Ikonen

Seipin is an oligomeric integral endoplasmic reticulum (ER) protein involved in lipid droplet (LD) biogenesis. To study the role of seipin in LD formation, we relocalized it to the nuclear envelope and found that LDs formed at these new seipin-defined sites. The sites were characterized by uniform seipin-mediated ER-LD necks. At low seipin content, LDs only grew at seipin sites, and tiny, growth-incompetent LDs appeared in a Rab18-dependent manner. When seipin was removed from ER-LD contacts within 1 h, no lipid metabolic defects were observed, but LDs became heterogeneous in size. Studies in seipin-ablated cells and model membranes revealed that this heterogeneity arises via a biophysical ripening process, with triglycerides partitioning from smaller to larger LDs through droplet-bilayer contacts. These results suggest that seipin supports the formation of structurally uniform ER-LD contacts and facilitates the delivery of triglycerides from ER to LDs. This counteracts ripening-induced shrinkage of small LDs.

Product Number
Product Description

Oleic acid, suitable for cell culture, BioReagent
Indole-3-acetic acid sodium salt, suitable for plant cell culture, BioReagent, ≥98%
Triolein, European Pharmacopoeia (EP) Reference Standard
PF-06424439, ≥98% (HPLC)
PF-04620110, ≥98% (HPLC)
Anti-Rab18 antibody produced in rabbit, ~1.0 mg/mL, affinity isolated antibody
MISSION® esiRNA, targeting human ACSL3
MISSION® esiRNA, targeting human PNPLA2

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