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Role of beer as a possible protective factor in preventing Alzheimer's disease.

Food and chemical toxicology : an international journal published for the British Industrial Biological Research Association (2007-08-19)
M J González-Muñoz, A Peña, I Meseguer

Aluminium (Al), a neurotoxin, has lately been implicated as one of the possible causal factors contributing to Alzheimer's disease. Because silicon (Si) intake can affect the bioavailability of aluminium, the object of the present study was to assess whether moderate beer consumption might, as a source of dietary Si, affect the toxicokinetics of Al and thereby limit that element's neurotoxicity. The results obtained confirmed that at moderately high levels of beer intake the Si present in the beer was able to reduce Al uptake in the digestive tract and thus was able to slow the accumulation of this metal in the body, brain tissue included. In consequence, moderate beer consumption, due to its content in bioavailability silicon, possibly affording a protective factor for preventing Alzheimer's disease, could perhaps be taken into account as a component of the dietary habits of the population.

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Silicic acid, suitable for column chromatography, 60-200 mesh

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