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Yes-associated protein regulates endothelial cell contact-mediated expression of angiopoietin-2.

Nature communications (2015-05-13)
Hyun-Jung Choi, Haiying Zhang, Hongryeol Park, Kyu-Sung Choi, Heon-Woo Lee, Vijayendra Agrawal, Young-Myeong Kim, Young-Guen Kwon

Angiogenesis is regulated by the dynamic interaction between endothelial cells (ECs). Hippo-Yes-associated protein (YAP) signalling has emerged as a key pathway that controls organ size and tissue growth by mediating cell contact inhibition. However, the role of YAP in EC has not been defined yet. Here, we show expression of YAP in the developing front of mouse retinal vessels. YAP subcellular localization, phosphorylation and activity are regulated by VE-cadherin-mediated-EC contacts. This VE-cadherin-dependent YAP phosphorylation requires phosphoinositide 3-kinase-Akt activation. We further identify angiopoietin-2 (ANG-2) as a potential transcriptional target of YAP in regulating angiogenic activity of EC in vitro and in vivo. Overexpression of YAP-active form in EC enhances angiogenic sprouting, and this effect is blocked by ANG-2 depletion or soluble Tie-2 treatment. These findings implicate YAP as a critical regulator in angiogenesis and provide new insights into the mechanism coordinating junctional stability and angiogenic activation of ECs.

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DAPI, for nucleic acid staining
Thrombin from human plasma, lyophilized powder, ≥1,000 NIH units/mg protein (E1%/280, 18.3)
MISSION® esiRNA, targeting human YAP1
MISSION® esiRNA, targeting human YY1AP1
MISSION® esiRNA, targeting mouse Yap1

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