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Better, Faster, Safer Vaccine Production

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We are committed to partnering with pharmaceutical companies, organizations and other companies to accelerate vaccine development and ultimately increase access globally. Our collaborations with worldwide vaccine developers and researchers include:

  • Leveraging previous efforts at an adenovirus-based vaccine platform for rapid development of a Covid-19 vaccine platform (read more)
  • Building on previous collaborations with the Baylor College of Medicine to optimize production of two Covid-19 vaccine candidates (read more)
  • Joining the DiViNe Consortium in Europe to address low yields and high costs of vaccine purification (read our white paper)
  • Developing optimized purification processes with the International Vaccine Institute (read more)
  • Receiving a grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation as part of a consortium pursuing a new manufacturing platform that would radically increase vaccine availability and affordability in developing countries (read more)

Contact us today to discuss your needs with a technical representative, and discover new solutions for better, faster, safer vaccine development.

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