Our impact extends through customer-centric workflow solutions across diagnostic and industrial applications. Our teams offer both testing kits and services to ensure that our food is safe to eat and our water is clean to drink.

Our business supports customers to ensure that drugs, food and beverages are safe for consumption. From ultrapure lab water to highly sensitive diagnostic testing, our impact is all around you, protecting our communities from harmful contaminants and supporting advances in medicine.

Clinical and Diagnostics

Diagnostic tests help physicians determine the presence or absence of a disease in an individual, and their findings are used in up to 70 percent of healthcare decisions. These tests can be as simple as a home pregnancy test or as complex as whole genome sequencing assays – and that is why we offer the most diverse set of reagents and services in the industry.

From concept to clinic, we provide in-vitro diagnostic manufacturers with the broadest offering of raw materials, equipment and services needed for their assay development, scale-up and manufacturing needs. Our global quality, supply chain and regulatory teams, combined with industry-leading technical expertise, allow us to partner with manufacturers to mitigate risk throughout their commercialization processes.

Learn more about our reagents and consumables delivering the reliable quality that help testing laboratories generate accurate results with collaborative efficiency.

Environmental Testing

Environmental contaminants are often invisible to the naked eye but can be a major threat to the safety of consumers, employees and communities. Our testing solutions accurately analyze air, water and soil to meet international regulatory standards. Our sample preparation tools, active and passive air monitoring systems, particle counters, proficiency testing standards and analytical tools help ensure safety.

We support our customers in manufacturing safe consumer goods, furthering efforts to create new therapies and monitoring environmental pollution. We are dedicated to helping our customers and partners make a real difference, supporting the development of safe and environmentally friendly products.

Learn more about our capabilities for testing laboratories that deliver accurate, cost-effective methods, from sample collection and preparation through to analysis and quality control.

Food and Beverage

As the global population continues to grow and regulations for food safety change, our customers look to us for reliable testing and tools that help keep food safe. We also provide products that help test nutritional value and identify quality inconsistencies. Our comprehensive offer of high-quality products and testing solutions enables more accurate results and compliance to changing regulations.

Learn more about our products and services for food manufacturers, which provide improved lab testing efficiency and regulatory compliance.

Learn more about our Food Safety Studio in Washington, US, where manufacturers of all types of food (beef, poultry, produce, etc.) collaborate with our scientists to develop safety products for rapid detection of foodborne pathogens.