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MILLICUP-FLEX, 47mm Disposable Filtration Kit; Nonsterile, Solvent-Resistant; Semi-reusable support collars

Great for Mobile Phase - 250mL Disposable Vacuum Filtration Unit w/ GL45 Threaded Connection; Compatible with 47mm membranes; Nonsterile Semi-reusable: 10 uses/kit


polypropylene device




filtration: suitable

funnel capacity

250 mL


inlet funnel
outlet bottle top

General description

The Millicup-FLEX nonsterile, vacuum-driven filtration unit combines the convenience of disposable filtration with the flexibility and compatibility of traditional vacuum filtration glassware. With solvent-resistant, modular components, the Millicup-FLEX filtration unit offers a safe and efficient means for filtering a variety of aqueous and organic solutions, allowing the user to filter directly into GL45 vacuum-rated filtration bottles with their choice of 47mm disc membranes (sold separately). The ready-to-assemble, clampless design of the Millicup-FLEX filtration system eliminates the need for cleaning prior to filtration – saving time and ultimately reducing the risk of sample contamination. Following filtration, the 250mL funnel and membrane support collar easily disconnect to enable direct access to the membrane.

Features & Benefits:
  • Compatible with organic and aqueous solvents
  • Ergonomic, clampless design
  • Reduce contamination risk
  • Filter directly into vacuum-rated storage bottles
  • Easy access to membrane after filtration (membranes sold separately)
  • Fully recyclable components

Available in 2 versions:
  • Semi-reusable Kit: 10 funnels with 2 semi-reusable membrane support collars and vacuum tube adapters (MCFLX4702)
  • Single-Use Kit: 10 funnels with 10 single-use membrane support collars and vacuum tube adapters (MCFLX4710)

All three components of the Millicup-FLEX filtration unit are fully recyclable, minimizing your environmental impact.


Direct patient care: No
  • Laboratory Filtration
  • Air/gas/organic solvent filtration and venting
  • Clarification of water, buffers or aqueous solutions
  • Environmental Analysis
  • Food and Beverage
  • Industrial QC
  • Pharmaceutical Products Analysis
  • Water Monitoring


Kit includes: 10 funnels, 2 support collars, and 2 vacuum tube adapters



Physical form

Color code: Clear with blue adapter

Certificate of Analysis

Certificate of Origin


Retentate filtration with Millicup™-FLEX disposable vacuum filtration units

Methods and tutorial video for filtration techniques in contamination analysis using a faster alternative to glass vacuum filtration systems.


Millicup™-FLEX Disposable Vacuum Filtration Units and demo video

Millicup™-FLEX disposable vacuum filter was designed to reduce contamination and save time. The solvent-resistant unit allows for filtration into storage bottles.

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