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Millipore All-Glass Filter Holder - Kit

47 mm, Glass frit membrane support, 300 mL funnel


Quality Level


anodized aluminum spring clamp(s)
borosilicate glass base
borosilicate glass funnel(s)
fritted glass support (for filter)
silicone sleeve (for alignment)
tubulated borosilicate glass cap


filtration: suitable


43 cm

filter diam.

47 mm

filtration area

9.6 cm2

flask capacity

1 L

flask diam.

13.7 cm

funnel capacity

300 mL

funnel diam.

7.6 cm


inlet funnel
6 mm (1/4 in.) O.D. outlet tubulated cap sidearm for vacuum


for use with All-Glass Filter Holder

shipped in


General description

Millipore All-Glass Filter Holders - Kit
47 mm, Glass frit membrane support, 300 mL Funnel

The Millipore All-Glass Filter Holder was designed for the filtration or aqueous and organic or corrosive liquids for particulate contamination analysis. The holder can also be used for HPLC solvent preparation. The vacuum connection is integrated into the filter holder base and flask cap, above the filtrate exit level. With this design, you can avoid unintentionally drawing filtrate into vacuum tubing. This design also allows simple transfer of filtrate (i.e., HPLC solvents) by pouring from the receiver flask.

This item is a Kit composed of the following items:
(Catalog Number - Description)
XX1014704 - Millipore Glass funnel, 300 mL, 47 mm, Borosilicate, Ground glass seal
XX1014703 - Millipore Spring Clamp, 47 mm, Aluminum
XX1514702 - Millipore Glass Base and Cap, 47 mm, Glass frit support
XX1514705 - Millipore Ground Joint Flask, 1L

Features & Benefits:
  • All-Glass construction has broad chemical compatibility
  • Borosilicate glass parts contact liquid, with ground-glass sealing surfaces
  • Vacuum connection to flask cap simplifies transfer of filtrate

Particle Contamination Analysis, HPLC Solvent Filtration, General Filtration and Clarification


47 mm, Glass frit membrane support, 300 mL funnel



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