Dry Dyes & Certified Stains

For microscopic analysis in hematology, cytology, histology, and bacteriology, dry dyes are often used to prepare staining solutions. The most consistent, reliable dyes and stains used in cell and tissue staining for research and clinical staining must be produced under strict GMP control and further certified by quality control agencies.

We offer a broad range of dyes and stains for cell and tissue diagnostics that are independently tested for biological and medical performance criteria, and certified by the Biological Stain Commission (BSC) and CE-compliant for IVD. The BSC ensures the quality of dyes through independent testing according to appropriately rigorous chemical and performance criteria.

We support our tissue diagnostics products with strong technical support based on years of experience and in-house histopathologists.

Certistain® Dyes

Our Certistain® dyes meet strict requirements for reliable staining quality, consistently high dye content, batch-to-batch stability, and standardized chemical and physical parameters. Each raw material batch is chemically analyzed according to strict specifications and tested for functional performance in their respective applications. This guarantees high dye content and stain quality. Furthermore, all Certistain® dyes are CE-compliant IVD products, which are developed according to the criteria of the Biological Stain Commission, USA.


Since 1919, HARLECO® brand dyes and stains have given outstanding contrast, color, and clarity to your sample specimens. HARLECO® stain solutions cover not only the classical formulations but also many new and improved modifications, developed from our years of experience. With a broad line of products, we can meet the needs of your laboratory for routine work and many of your special applications including diagnostic stains for cytology, hematology, microbiology, and histopathology. In addition to the staining solutions, we offer complete lines of sample preparation products, buffers, and some of the new formulas for safer fixatives and sample handling.

Midas® III-Plus Automated Slide Stainer

The Midas® III-Plus automated stainer is designed to work with HARLECO® stains and is flexible enough to adapt to your current staining protocols. It is designed to perform routine hematology and bacteriology staining effortlessly. Since the unit is fully programmable, you can replicate your existing staining techniques to ensure consistent results for your peripheral blood and bone marrow smears, as well as bacteriological smears. The system uses the dip slide staining technique which ensures uniform staining for every sample and reduces stain consumption up to 50%. This stainer will become the new cornerstone of your laboratory.

Key Features include:

  • Small footprint and low maintenance
  • Up to 30 slides or coverslips uniformly stained in minutes
  • Medium-throughput, staining up to 1,000 slides per day
  • Automatic electronic self-test at startup
  • Versatile stainer with 9 user-defined programs each containing up to 29 possible processing steps
  • Ideal for Wright, Giemsa, Wright-Giemsa, Pappenheim, Hemacolor® and Leishman staining of blood and bone marrow smears
  • Ease of use for Gram, Kinyoun, and AFB staining applications

Manual Slide Staining System

Manual staining procedures can be performed more conveniently with the Harleco® manual staining rack for histology, cytology, and hematology. No more messy Coplin jars to clean. The rack has 10 staining positions with disposal vessels and lids to protect the stains and solutions when not in use. Changing over to other staining procedures has never been easier or quicker. The rack sits over a solvent resistant drip tray to keep messy stains off your countertops. Each manual staining rack comes with a slide holder capable of holding up to 30 slides.

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