Custom & Predesigned DNA Oligos and qPCR Probes

Oligonucleotides form the foundation of modern life science research, from basic genomic studies to disease diagnosis and therapeutics. In addition to their use as a standard or high-throughput primers in PCR, oligo nucleotides are used as probes, in microarray, in binding, in Immunostimulatory assays, in Sanger Sequencing & NGS (non-adapters), antisense analyses, and X-ray crystallographic structure determination.

As a supplier to the global life science industry of custom and predesigned DNA oligo products with more than 35 years of experience, we possess cutting-edge technology, competitive prices, and continuous investment in worldwide operations. We excel in difficult constructs with guaranteed quality and performance because of our comprehensive understanding of bioinformatics, various synthesis chemistries, and proprietary in-house engineered platforms. We perform regular quality checks using MALDI-TOF and Electrospray Ionization (ESI) Mass Spec and OD by UV spectroscopy and maintain a robust quality management system (QMS).

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Oligos in Plates for High-Throughput (HTP) Applications

Whether your application requires a few or more than 100,000 oligos, we can provide the format to best suit your application, automation, and LIMS system. Our oligo experts can recommend the right plate for your system.  

We specialize in liquid-handling systems to normalize oligonucleotide concentrations within a narrow range. Our investment in automation enables quick delivery of customer-specified products, no matter how complex.  Shipping validation studies are conducted on all plate and seal combinations.

iScale Oligos™ DNA

iScale Oligos are perfect for in vivo, high-throughput, and diagnostic projects for which milligram and gram quantities of Custom DNA Oligos are required. These DNA oligos produced in State-of-the-art laboratories have high purity and precision, backed by a robust Quality Management System (QMS) and full documentation.

Custom Next-Generation Sequencing Oligos (NGSO)

Custom universal and index adapter sequences are required for major sequencing platforms. Our custom Next-Generation Sequencing Oligos (NGSO) are manufactured under rigorous conditions to ensure suitable purity and low cross-contamination to meet the research, commercial, and molecular diagnostic needs.

Predesigned Primers & qPCR Probes

KiCqStart® Primers, Gene Arrays, and Probe Assays

We offer a family of predesigned primers and probe assays for gene expression analysis. KiCqStart® Primers are predesigned SYBR® Green I Primers for two-step and one-step RT-qPCR. To comply with MIQE, they have been developed using sophisticated bioinformatics tools and validated in silico to avoid off-target amplification. Available for a variety of species and gene families, custom PCR primers, primer pairs, and assays can be easily searched and ordered online.

Real-time qPCR Probes

We offer a large probe chemistry selection for your RT-qPCR needs. Our comprehensive portfolio of probes includes Dual-Labeled Probes, Molecular Beacons, LightCycler® Probes, Scorpions® Probes, and Locked Nucleic Acids® (LNA®)-containing Probes. Our probes are provided in a format that simplifies your experimental planning.

Real-time PCR Assay Design

OligoArchitect™ Primer and Probe Design Services

We are pleased to offer OligoArchitect™ services for all your primer and probe design requirements. OligoArchitect™ includes both our complimentary online design tool and our unique consultative service.

Explore our Custom Oligos & qPCR Probes Online Tools.

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