Bioprocessing Single-Use Bioreactors

Mobius® bioreactors ranging from benchtop (3 L) to clinical scale (2,000 L) for fed-batch and perfusion applications

The Mobius® family of single-use bioreactors is a scalable portfolio that includes benchtop (3 L), pilot scale (50 L and 200 L), and clinical and commercial scale (1,000 L and 2,000 L) stirred tank bioreactors, enabling optimized cell culture from early process development through commercial production. Mobius® bioreactors accommodate your fed-batch or perfusion applications with flexible configuration of software, hardware and single-use assemblies, ensuring that operational flexibility at small scale can be translated to full-scale production.

Key advantages include:

  • Simple installation of Flexware® assemblies by a single operator
  • 5:1 turndown ratio at process scale
  • Works as a stand-alone system or integrated as part of your facility’s automation platform
  • Demonstrated scalability of key engineering parameters gives you confidence to scale up your process
  • Lynx® connectors assure critical sterile connections
  • Mobius® SensorReady Technology for bioreactor monitoring and control


Mobius® Breez Microbioreactor

Mobius® Breez Microbioreactor

2 mL automated single-use perfusion cell culture platform designed to support gentle, adaptable, and reproducible cell processes. The system is capable of accelerating a range of applications such as cell line development, media screening and optimization, and early process development. The Mobius® Breez Microbioreactor allows you to increase efficiency and reduce development timelines and costs over traditional technologies that require more material consumption.


  • Enables perfusion processes to achieve high cell densities in 2 mL
  • Freedom from hands-on work with automated control and monitoring
  • Operational flexibility allows you to save on development time and costs​

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