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Immunohistochemistry: Current Applications in Breast Cancer
Immunohistochemistry (IHC) is used to characterize intracellular proteins or various cell surfaces in all tissues. Individual markers or more often panels of various marker proteins can be used to characterize various tumor subtypes, confirm tissue of origin, distinguish metastatic from
Renal Transplant Rejection
Combined UCHL-1/PASH Staining in the Diagnosis of Renal Transplant Rejection article.
MSI Testing and IHC
Colorectal cancer is a common occurrence among inhabitants of most Western countries, second only to carcinoma of the lung.
Tissue Markers for Cancer Diagnostics
Immunohistochemistry (IHC) represents an indispensable tool in cancer diagnostics.
Article Discussing Fatty Tissue Fixation Using Microwave Technology in Hematology and Histology Research.
Article discussing fatty tissue fixation using microwave technology in hematology and histology research.
Water for Histology Staining
Reliable histology staining requires consistent quality pure water. See examples of GMS and H&E stains performed with various water contaminants and comparing tap vs Type 2 water.