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Data Sheet - 92323
Templ_Meeting_Minutes_MilliporeSigma Page 1 of 2 92323 Vibrio ChromoSelect Agar Vibrio ChromoSelect Agar is recommended for isolation
OptiScale 25 Capsule Filter User Guide
User Guide OptiScale®-25 Capsule Filter Introduction The OptiScale®-25 capsule filter is a single use filter designed for process development and scaling. It is not designed or validated as a sterilizing grade filter. Specifications Please refer to the Certificate of
Data Sheet - A8100
b-Amanitin–poly-L -lysine bound (A8100) - Datasheet β-AMANITIN, POLY-L-LYSINE BOUND Product Number A 8100 Storage Temperature 2-8 °C Synonyms: (Poly-L-lysyl)-β-amanitin Product Description β-Amanitin is a fungal toxin
miR-30c-5p Hu-Cy3 SmartFlare™ RNA Detection Probe
Microsoft Word - SF-441 miR-30c-5p Hu-Cy3 design 2 SPECIES LEGEND: Hu Human Ms Mouse Rt Rat Rb Rabbit WR Most Common Vertebrates (
Data Sheet - SAB4600212
Antibody–CF750 Conjugates - Datasheet Antibody–CF750 Conjugates affinity isolated antibody Product Description Antibody–CF750 conjugates are affinity-purified antibodies labeled with a near-infrared fluorescent dye, CF750. CF dyes are excellent alternatives to Alexa Fluor dyes for antibody labeling
Data Sheet - 69632
69632, Sunstone Upconverting Nanocrystals UCP 545 Folate conjugated solution Sunstone Upconverting Nanocrystals UCP 545 Folate conjugated solution Catalog Number 69632 Storage Temperature -20 °C TECHNICAL
Product Information - 51713
Product Information 51713 Hydrogen sulfite ionophore II (Guanidinium ionophore) Selectophore®, function tested Electrochemical Transduction Ion-Selective Electrodes Application 1
100199 - Picrofuchsin solution acc. to van Gieson for microscopy
Intended purpose This “Picrofuchsin solution acc. to van Gieson - for microscopy” is used for human-medical cell diagnosis and serves the histological investigation of sample material of human origin. It is a ready-to-use staining solution designed to enhance the visibility of
Data Sheet - A1983
AURORA A, active (A1983) - Datasheet AURORA A, active, GST-tagged, human PRECISIO Kinase recombinant, expressed in Sf9 cells Catalog Number A1983 Storage Temperature –70 °C Synonyms: AURKA, AIK, ARK1, AURA, BTAK, STK6, STK7
Data Sheet - P4997
P4997 Anti-Potassium Channel KCa3.1 (Intermediate-conductance Ca2+-activated Potassium Channel 4; SK4; IKCa1; KCNN4) Developed in Rabbit, Affinity Isolated Antibody Product Number P4997 Product Description Anti-Potassium Channel KCa3.1 was developed in rabbit using
BMX active GST-tagged human Precisio Kinase recombinant expressed in Sf9 cells
BMX, active (B3937) - Datasheet BMX, active, GST-tagged, human PRECISIO Kinase recombinant, expressed in Sf9 cells Catalog Number B3937 Lot Number 080M0841 Storage Temperature –70 °C Synonyms: ETK, PSCTK2, PSCTK3 Product Description The BMX gene
Reagents R e a g e n ts R e a g e n ts AGARASE From Pseudomonas atlantica An agarose-digesting enzyme ideal for isolation of intact high molecular weight DNA from agarose gel slices. The enzyme
Product Information Sheet - L9017
Lectin from Phaseolus vulgaris (red kidney bean) (L9017) - Product Information Sheet Lectin from Phaseolus vulgaris Phytohemagglutinin PHA-P Product Number L 9017 Storage Temperature 2-8 °C Product Description PHA-P is a mixture of PHA-E
117985 - MQuant Potassium Test (int.) 1. Method Potassium ions react with dipicrylamine to form an orange-colored complex. The potassium con- centration is measured semiquantitatively by visual comparison of the reaction zone of the test strip with the fields of a
Data Sheet - I7260
Monoclonal Anti-Human IgG3 antibody produced in mouse (I7260) - Datasheet MONOCLONAL ANTI-HUMAN IgG3 Clone HP-6050 Mouse Ascites Fluid Product No. I 7260 Product Description Monoclonal Anti-Human IgG3 (mouse IgG1 isotype) is derived from the hybridoma
Data Sheet - P4985
Anti-Presenilin-1 (31-46) antibody produced in rabbit (P4985) - Datasheet ANTI-PRESENILIN 1 [31-46] Developed in Rabbit, IgG Fraction of Antiserum Product Number P4985 Product Description Anti-Presenilin 1 [31-46] is developed in rabbit using a highly purified
Data Sheet - I8883 - Lot 024H8878
G:\PRODINFO\DOCU\I-J\I8883\024H8878. Product No. I-8883 Anti-Human Serum Developed in Goat IgG Fraction of Antiserum Lot 024H8878 Antiserum is developed in goat using normal human Identity and Purity serum as the
Data Sheet - K3136
K3136dat.doc Stemline Keratinocyte Medium II without L-glutamine, calcium-free, with phenol red Product Code S0196 Storage Temperature 2–8 °C Stemline Keratinocyte Growth Supplement with Bovine
Data Sheet - 28713
Templ_Meeting_Minutes_MilliporeSigma The vibrant M, Millipore, and Sigma-Aldrich are trademarks of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany or its affiliates.
Data Sheet - M2046
IgA, Lambda from murine myeloma (M2046) - Datasheet Mouse IgA,λ (MOPC 315) Purified Immunoglobulin Product No. M 2046 Product Description The MOPC 315 tumor line that produces mouse IgA,λ is a mineral oil-induced plasmacytoma originated
Product Information Sheet - MINCLARET
PKH2 GREEN FLUORESCENT CELL LINKER KIT Troubleshooting Guide for PKH and CellVue Dyes Troubleshooting Guide for PKH26, PKH67, and CellVue Claret Fluorescent Cell Linker Dyes Problem Solution Dye concentration too high.
Lynx® CDR Connectors User Guide
Lynx® CDR Connectors User Guide The M mark and Lynx are registered trademarks of Merck, KGaA, Germany. Copyright © 2015 EMD Millipore Corporation. All rights reserved. UG1246EN00 Rev 1, 03/2016 Introduction The Lynx® CDR Connector is a disposable device which allows
Data Sheet - S9572
Anti-Sonic Hedgehog Peptide (N-terminal) (S9572) - Data Sheet Anti-Sonic Hedgehog Peptide (N-terminal) produced in goat, affinity isolated antibody Catalog Number S9572 Product Description Anti-Sonic Hedgehog Peptide (N-terminal) is produced in
Data Sheet
Data Sheet Benefits • Low hold-up volume for greater product yield • Broad range of media types offered in single and multi-layer products • Millistak+® HC dual-action media improves prefiltration and compresses clarification • Flexible, modular format
Supel™ QuE for QuEChERS Selection Guide
Supel™ QuE Products for QuEChERS Selection Guide In “QuEChERS” methodology, the use of loose extraction salts and cleanup sorbents in combination with shaking and centrifugation results in a Quick, Easy, Cheap, Effective, Rugged and Safe sample cleanup technique. The “QuEChERS” method
Data Sheet - S2071
Anti-Sodium Channel NaV1.8 (S2071) - Datasheet Anti-Sodium Channel NaV1.8 (Anti-SCN10A, Anti-PN3) antibody produced in rabbit, affinity isolated antibody Catalog Number S2071 Product Description Anti-Sodium Channel NaV1.8 is developed in
Product Information Sheet - AXIO0058
Cor.At CL-i-xCELLigence Cardiomyocyte Kit (AXIO0058) - Technical Bulletin Cor.At CL-i-xCELLigence Cardiomyocyte Kit Catalog Number AXIO0058 TECHNICAL BULLETIN Product Description Cor.At cells are cardiomyocytes derived from transgenic mouse induced pluripotent stem (miPS). These
User Guide - 60036BC
Templ_Meeting_Minutes_MilliporeSigma The life science business of Merck operates as MilliporeSigma in the U.S. and Canada. Page 1 of 5
Dulbecco Modified Eagle Medium (DME)
Dulbecco’s Modified Eagle’s Medium (DME) - Formulation Dulbecco’s Modified Eagle’s Medium (DME) Many modifications of Eagle’s Medium have been developed since the original formulation appeared in the
Product Information Sheet - SH0811
MISSION shRNA Human Gene Family Sets, Bacterial Glycerol Stocks (SH0111, SH0211, SH0411, SH0511, SH0711, SH0811, SH1011, SH1111, SH1311, SH1811, SH1911, SH2111, SH2211, SH2311, SH2411, SH2511, SH2611, SH2711, SH2811, SH2911, SH3011) - Technical Bulletin
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