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Regulatory Compliance
Regulatory Compliance
CRISPR/Cas9 Products and Services
Synonym: CRISPR, CRISPRs, Cas9, Crispr RNA, Crispr/Cas System, Synthetic CRISPR, crRNA, tracrRNA
MISSION® TRC3 Human LentiORF Collection
MISSION® TRC3 Human LentiORF Collection; Synonym: Blasticidin ORF, Entry ORF, Gateway Cloning, Gene Expression, Gene Overexpression, Gene Validation, LentiORF, MISSION® TRC3 Human LentiORF, MISSION® TRC3 ORF, Open Reading Frame, Protein Expression, Puromycin ORF, Rescue Experiments, TRC3; find null-ORF MSDS, related
Custom Peptides
Custom Peptides: Product Overview, Design, and Ordering
DNA Oligos in Tubes
DNA Oligos in Tubes. Product VC00021
Cannabis Testing
The cannabinoids found in the Cannabis plant commonly referred to as marijuana, have grown in popularity for treating a variety of ailments from arthritis, glaucoma, and chronic pain to malnutrition, multiple sclerosis, and cancer.
Press Rel - NA
Press Rel - NA
Paints & Coatings - Pigments
Air quality and exposure risks from lead-based, chromium-based, and cadmium-based paints and coatings.
Dehydrogenation through Cooperative Base Metal Catalysis
The Sorensen group has reported a dual-catalytic system capable of dehydrogenating alkanes & alcohols at low temperatures with hydrogen gas as the sole byproduct
Regulatory Focus Areas
We are on top of current trends and future quality and regulatory opportunities as well as challenges. We support our customers to navigate and comply with a highly complex set of global, regional, country, and industry-specific directives and regulations.
TLC Analysis of Vitamin C Derivates From Cosmetic Formulation on HPTLC Silica Gel 60 F254s
Separation of Placebo; 1 % Vit C derivat; 1 % Active 2; 2 % Vit C Derivat; 2 % Active2; Reference Vitamin C Derivat; Reference Degradation product
Buchwald Phosphine Ligands
Buchwald phosphine ligands for C-C, C-N, and C-O bond formation.
Merck Press Release - NA
Merck Press Release - NA
GC Analysis of D-Carvone Enantiomer in Caraway Essential Oil on Astec® CHIRALDEX® G-TA
GC Analysis of D-Carvone Enantiomer in Caraway Essential Oil on Astec® CHIRALDEX® G-TA
Asia Pacific
Asia Pacific Region
Pharma Microbiology Testing Device Validation
Our pharma microbiology testing device validation protocols provide correct documentation for audits and with regulatory authorities. When we are on-site, our validation engineers ask the right questions, understand your application, and the validation requirements of your equipment.
HPLC Analysis of Paraben Preservatives on Discovery® C18
Separation of Methyl Paraben, analytical standard; Ethylparaben, United States Pharmacopeia (USP) Reference Standard; Propylparaben, United States Pharmacopeia (USP) Reference Standard; Butylparaben, United States Pharmacopeia (USP) Reference Standard
HPLC Analysis of Vitamin D2 and Vitamin D3 on Ascentis® C18
Separation of Ergocalciferol (D2), analytical standard; Cholecalciferol (D3), analytical standard
Americas region
Mass Spectrometric Approaches to Lipidomic Studies
Dr. Robert Murphy, professor at University of Colorado - Denver, discusses Mass Spectrometric Approaches to Lipidomic Studies.
3D Cell Culture
Applications, principles, and techniques for three-dimensional (3D) cell culture. Includes techniques and descriptions of scaffold and scaffold-free methods matrices for the culture of complex in vitro models including organoids and spheroids.
Extend Electrode Life
Extend the Life of Your Electrode" in this Labware Literature guide
radiello® Diffusive Air Sampling Application - Phenol, Methylphenol, and Dimethylphenol (thermally desorbed)
Cartridge RAD147 is a stainless steel net cylinder with 100 mesh grid opening and 4.8 mm diameter, packed with 250 ± 10 mg of Tenax-TA, particle size 20-35 mesh. Phenols are trapped by adsorption and recovered by thermal desorption, analysis
Business Development
If you know of any technology, product, or service development opportunities in the fields below, we would be very interested in hearing from you.
Control of Microthrix Parvicella in the Waste Water Treatment with the HybriScan® Test System
The HybriScan test system for wastewater analysis is based on the detection of microorganism-specific target molecules with a special catcher and detection probe, resulting in a sandwich hybridisation. HybriScan Waste Water determines both the Microthrix parvicella and the total bacterial
Comparison of Spherical and Irregular Silicas in Flash Chromatography
Comparison of Spherical and Irregular Silicas in Flash Chromatography
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