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mRNA & LNP CTDMO Services

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Our mRNA & LNP offering

mRNA technology uses non-viral delivery systems and offers a great deal of versatility. As naked mRNA is unstable, drug delivery systems, such as lipid nanoparticles, are necessary to deliver mRNA to target cells. Our integrated CDMO capabilities include the development and manufacture of custom mRNAs, synthetic lipids, and the formulation, fill and finish of lipid nanoparticles (LNP). We are committed to direct and flexible customer interactions with life science industries and academic research institutions around the world, including technical support. Our integrated capabilities significantly decrease supply chain complexity and enhance speed-to-market for our customers which in turn will help advance life-enhancing therapeutics for patients.

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Our integrated CDMO capabilities include the development and manufacture of custom mRNAs. With our proven AmpTec™ workflow, mRNA manufacturing is highly reproducible. Key features include:

  • Production of fully customizable sequences, up to 13,000 nucleotides
  • A significantly lower requirement (~10,000x) for plasmid DNA compared to standard mRNA manufacturing processes
  • Highly reproducible process yielding mRNA with a homogeneous poly A tail and high-performing product


We are highly specialized in synthesizing top-quality, GMP lipids for pharmaceutical applications and gene therapy, focusing on tailored manufacturing to meet your specific needs. We also offer a standard portfolio with optimized stability, solubility, and handling characteristics. If lipid blends are needed, we can provide lyophilization and spray drying.

Benefits of our lipids include:

  • Support in every phase of development and marketing
  • cGMPs and site standards that follow ICH Q7 concepts
  • Consistent, high product quality from grams to tons
  • Stability studies and analytical method development and validation
  • Regulatory expertise and counsel from a dedicated team
  • An excellent track record of customer and FDA audits


We provide a full-service LNP CDMO covering all phases from pre-clinical development to commercial manufacturing for LNP formulations, including fill/finish.

Preclinical: formulation and process development, analytical method development

Clinical: Tech transfer, process scale-up, GMP manufacturing, CMC support

Commercial: GMP manufacturing, aseptic fill, QC, packaging and inspection, supply chain

  • Key benefits to our customers: Proven track record of manufacturing commercial drug products incl. Covid-19 vaccine
  • End-to-end service from API to manufacturing and fill & finish
  • In-house transfer to GMP
  • Expertise in process optimization from small scale to manufacturing

Process Development

Leveraging our in-house expertise, we offer a complete range of process development (PD) services to improve the yield and quality of your mRNA and LNP.

Facility Design Services

Our experts can help you navigate key considerations for designing, building, and operating an agile and flexible GMP biomanufacturing facility successfully, safely, and profitably.

Learn more about Facility Design Services

Process Development Services

You can rely on us for flexible, best-in-class process development and manufacturing templates.

Learn more about Process Development Services


With more than 20 years of experience providing critical components for mRNA therapies, we now further expand to include LNP formulation and fill/finish capabilities to form the most comprehensive portfolio of products and services essential for mRNA vaccines and therapeutics development.

Lab worker looking at a glass vial

mRNA Manufacturing

With our proven PCR-based workflow, mRNA manufacturing is highly reproducible and the final product has excellent properties.

Learn more about mRNA Manufacturing

Lab worker holding glass vial

LNP Formulation and Fill Finish

Covering all phases from pre-clinical development to commercial manufacturing for LNP formulations, including fill/finish.

Learn more about LNP Formulation and Fill Finish

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