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Custom MILLIPLEX® Multiplex Assays & ELISAs

Your R&D breakthroughs depend on reliable, high-performing products and services. Our custom immunoassay and biomarker development services provide you with consistent performance and support for MILLIPLEX® multiplex assays for Luminex® instruments and ELISA single analyte immunoassays. Whether you need to develop new analytes or combine existing analytes into new multiplex panels or adapt your assay to high-throughput screening, our innovative solutions accommodate your research requirements.

Learn how custom assays accelerated pediatric lupus research.

Why Customers Choose Our Expert Team for Custom Protein Immunoassay and Biomarker Development Services

We consult with you from start to finish to meet your project needs. Meet with our experts to plan your project for the best possible data.

Custom assays are your solution for:

  • Large, long-running, multi-site studies, where it is critical to ensure assay performance over time
  • Adapting existing assays to new platforms for high performance, high-throughput, and automation
  • Combining a large number of, or a new variety of analytes
  • New analyte development
    • Let us screen available reagents
    • We can use your specific protein standards and antibodies
    • We have a 98% success rate in new analyte development

We take the same care in building your complete custom assay as we do our catalog offerings. See how our custom MILLIPLEX® multiplex assays were used in agrochemical toxicity research.

Choose From Our Menu of Assay Verification Options and Criteria

  • Choose existing or new analytes
    • Develop new analytes
    • Multiplex new analytes with existing analytes
    • Recombine existing analytes into new panels
  • Design and verify assays for new species or sample type
  • 96- or 384-well format
    • Convert existing assays to a 384-well format
  • Cross-reactivity testing
  • Reagent optimization
  • Optional QC range values
  • Kit bridging for lot-to-lot consistency
  • Conserve sample volume
  • Contain overall project cost

Every project is pre-reviewed by our R&D scientists and you will be provided up front with a realistic feasibility assessment and timelines towards project completion. For complex projects, we build upon milestone accomplishments. You will have direct access to the scientist developing your kit, with planned data reviews, updates, and beta kit testing for real in-lab evaluation. Your project will be performance reviewed and guaranteed prior to kit shipment. Each custom kit comes complete with all reagents and a unique protocol.

How to Order Custom Assays

  • STEP 1: Fill out the form below with your contact information along with the analyte full protein names, species, and samples types and submit your request
  • STEP 2: Receive work plan and quotation from sales specialist
  • STEP 3: Place purchase order and participate in project kickoff call

Request for Quote - Custom Immunoassay Development

Let us assist you with your custom biomarker assay development needs. Fill out the form below to have one of our specialists contact you.

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Custom Assay Projects

Reconfigure Existing Analytes from Our MILLIPLEX® Panels

Our Special Product Release (SPR) program allows you to leverage our knowledge base of pre-verified analyte/ panel combinations. Select analytes from up to three panels and we will assess the combination feasibility. For more complex analyte and panel combinations, or for those which have not been pre-verified, we base feasibility upon compatible sample dilution, matrix, sample preparation requirements, and known analyte cross-reactivity.

Develop a New Assay

Our Special Product Release Custom (SPRCUS) program allows you to develop a new MILLIPLEX® or ELISA assay which is fit for your purpose. We follow a milestone-based approach to generate an assay that quantifies your exact proteins of interest. All MILLIPLEX® assays are optimized to run on any Luminex® instrument. You will receive updates and data reviews during each milestone, offering you peace of mind that your project is on schedule and meeting specifications.

Custom Assay Quality

Combinations of Existing Analytes

When we combine existing analytes from multiple MILLIPLEX® panels to build your custom assay, we use our inventory of off-the-shelf kit components. Each component was built to the specifications set during original panel development and subsequent lot manufacturing quality verification. We test new analyte combinations for cross-reactivity of antibodies to other analytes in the same custom panel and optimize the panel for sample dilution, matrix, and protocol. High/low QC range values are available for an additional testing fee.

New Analyte Development

For new analyte development, we screen for the best combination of antibodies and standards to build a singleplex assay. We then combine the new analyte(s) with the requested existing analytes into as few plexed panels as possible. The resulting custom panel(s) are verified with the following specifications:

  • Antibody selectivity, specificity
  • Standard curve ranges
  • Verified sample type
  • Sample dilution
  • Serum matrix
  • Cross-reactivity with other analytes in panel
  • High/Low QC range values – additional testing fee

We have a 98% success rate in new analyte development. For feasibility, we need to know species and sample type and whether or not you want QC ranges established for the assay. We assess the feasibility of developing your new analyte assay based upon the availability of quality antibodies and standards from commercial vendors. You may also provide your own antibodies and standards for assay development.

Additional verification tests are available upon request. However, most clients prefer to purchase additional kits for their own study-specific verification testing when needed.

Custom Assay Highlights

We encourage customers to send us a subset of their samples to use when developing a custom assay to ensure we hit the range they need to measure all of their analytes. This will avoid customers running (and wasting) a kit and then having to adjust the dilution factor because their analyte is abnormally high. If that is not possible, we will send a test kit for customers to run in-house and can modify the assay depending on the customer’s results before we send the final kitted assay. This two-way partnership is essential and is one way that we deliver the highest quality assay possible.

Key points in our custom assay services are:

  • All MILLIPLEX® panels, custom assays, reagents, and ELISAs are manufactured in facilities that are ISO 9001-2015 compliant.
  • For Research Use Only. Not For Use In Diagnostic Procedures.
  • Custom kits and reagents are not for resale and may not be repackaged for commercial sale.
  • Confidentiality/non-disclosure agreements and time-delimited analyte/kit exclusivity agreements are available upon request.

MILLIPLEX® Kits for Custom Premixing

For your convenience, we offer a bead premixing service for select MILLIPLEX® kits to help save you the time of mixing together multiple beads to run kits.

The custom premix option offers:

  • Easy online ordering (just select the “Custom Premixing” option when building your MILLIPLEX® kit online)
  • Any number of kits
  • Any number of analytes within a specific customizable panel
  • Time saved in your lab — we mix the beads for you so you can get right to your experiment
  • Delivery time - up to an additional 10 days

Custom premix kits will contain premixed beads (no individual bead bottles). These kits may not include bead diluent, as this material is consumed during the custom premixing process.