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Indoor contaminants from newspapers: VOCs emissions in newspaper stands.

Environmental research (2008-12-26)
Maurizio Caselli, Gianluigi de Gennaro, Maria Rosaria Saracino, Maria Tutino

Mean volatile organic compound (VOC) concentrations in 16 newspaper stands and in two printing shops were monitored for the purpose of quantifying the various VOCs in these areas and to relate the results. In each site halogenated, oxygenated, aliphatic, and aromatic compounds were monitored during one workweek. They were sampled with diffusive samplers for thermal desorption and analysed by GC-MS. The results showed that in all newspaper stands the indoor levels of toluene were much higher than the outdoor levels; some sites had toluene indoor concentrations 100 times higher than their correspondent outdoor levels. The investigations in two printing shops confirmed that newspapers, in particular the inks, are the main sources of toluene in the newspaper stands.

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