Cell Imaging Instruments

Cellular imaging instruments can be used to evaluate, measure, analyze, and assay the state of cells and cell cultures in a variety of workflows. Digital cell imagers utilize algorithms to provide objective measurements of cell and cell culture status, eliminating user bias and streamlining processes for greater consistency. Live cell imaging systems enable the study of living cells using time-lapse microscopy, yielding critical insights into cell function and multi-parameter data for basic research and drug discovery. We offer cost-effective solutions to expand your lab's capacity for live and digital cell imaging.

 A modern digital laboratory scale with a blue base and a touchscreen interface.

Millicell® DCI Digital Cell Imager

Monitor your cell cultures with ease with the Millicell® DCI Digital Cell Imager. From confluency to cell count and morphology, the Millicell® DCI automates cell culture measurements for quicker, more consistent culturing. This instrument is ideal for scientists and lab technicians responsible for the growth and maintenance of cell cultures for basic research, drug discovery, and bioprocess applications.

  • Objective measurements
  • Confluency determination
  • Estimated cell counts
  • Hemocytometer or in-vessel measurement
  • Adherent cell, spheroid, and organoid cultures
  • Optional web-based cloud service for data storage, data archiving, and growth trend analysis
A computer monitor connected to a black electronic device with multiple ports, showcasing a blue circular pattern on the screen. Two small rectangular objects are placed in front of the device, and two cables connect the monitor to the device.

CellASIC® ONIX2 Live Cell Imaging System

Convert your microscope to a live cell imaging system with the CellASIC® ONIX2 system. This microfluidic system uses high-quality, optically clear microfluidic plates and intuitive software to integrate with a broad range of inverted microscopes to allow continuous, high magnification observation of live cells as they react to their environment in real-time.

  • Dynamic live cell imaging
  • Compatible with any inverted microscope
  • Small footprint
  • User-friendly operation
  • Automatically control flow rates, gas and temperature shifts, standing gradients, nutrient/drug additions, and media changes
  • Optically clear microfluidic plates allow live-cell imaging for many applications

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