Hematology Stains

The image is a microscopic view of biological cells, with three central cells featuring prominent dark blue nuclei and surrounded by lighter, more uniform cells against a white background.

Reliably differentiate and diagnose blood, and bone marrow samples with your preferred protocol by selecting from our full range of high-quality hematological staining solutions. 

Our diverse portfolio includes a complete range of chemically defined and precisely formulated staining solutions that perform optimally and consistently for hematological differentiation and diagnostics. We offer Giemsa, Wright, Wright-Giemsa, Leishman, and May-Grünwald staining reagents, including azure, eosin, methylene blue, and brilliant cresyl blue. Other popular products include our fetal hemoglobin kit, iron, and reticulocyte stains.

All our products are ready-to-use, IVD-registered, CE-certified, and subjected to comprehensive quality controls. Assured high quality, long shelf life and batch-to-batch consistency gives you definitive and reproducible results to facilitate your hematology testing, even in difficult diagnostic cases.

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Hemacolor® rapid staining

Our sophisticated Hemacolor® range can help you to quickly stain and differentiate blood smears. Whether manually performed or automated, Hemacolor® solutions and kits allow you to efficiently achieve the brilliance, and reproducibility of Pappenheim staining in only 30 seconds.

  • Hemacolor® solutions and kits contain buffer tablets plus 3 ready-to-use, highly stable solutions (fixing, red, and blue solutions).
  • Individual Hemacolor® rapid staining solutions are also available.
  • The auto-Hemacolor® stain system was designed for automatic blood and bone marrow smear staining in conjunction with the Hematek® slide stainer (Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics).

Cytochemical reagents and kits

We have pioneered the technique of cytochemistry demonstrating numerous clinically important cellular enzymes by commercially introducing stabilized diazonium salts, and substituted naphthol substrates. We have also introduced stabilized base solutions (Fast Red Violet LB base, Fast Blue BB base and Fast Garnet GBC base) that allow you to easily adjust working reagent volumes according to your needs. All our kits are provided in convenient, easy-to-use formats, and may be used for clinical and research purposes.

HEMATOGNOST Fe® staining kits

Localize cell components and assay enzymatic activity in blood using our complete range of ready-to-use cytochemical staining reagents. These high-quality solutions enable reliable and optimal visualization of enzyme cytochemistry and pathological changes in a patient’s blood. HEMATOGNOST Fe® kits detect free ionic iron (Fe3+) in cells via the Prussian blue (Berlin blue) reaction that allows diagnosis of various conditions including hemochromatosis, asbestosis or bone marrow diseases.

Auxiliaries for hematology

Ensure proper fixation and mounting of your hematological specimens, and achieve stable and reproducible results with the help of our extensive portfolio of auxiliary products. Find everything you require to prepare, fix, stain, store and mount your hematological specimens:

  • Buffer tablets for the preparation of pH stable rinsing solutions
  • Immersion oils for high-magnification microscopy
  • Aqueous and non-aqueous mounting media and mounting agents
  • Other hematology and histology lab accessories

Midas® III-Plus automated stainer

The Midas® III-Plus automated stainer gives you the ability to automate all hematology and bacteriology staining applications. Since the unit is fully programmable, you can duplicate your existing staining techniques and ensure consistent results for your peripheral blood and bone marrow smears as well as your bacteriological smears.

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