Histology Stains

Red, blue, and creme staining of microvilli in small intestine using Alcian blue-nuclear fast red staining

As a pioneer and developer of chemicals, stains, and kits for both routine and special histological investigations, we offer a full range of staining products from specimen preparation to staining and mounting. Our kit formats and individual, ready-to-use solutions are efficient and convenient to use.  

For customers who prefer to prepare staining solutions, we also supply dry dyes and mixtures, concentrated liquids, as well as other chemicals and general-purpose laboratory reagents. Many of our histology products are CE-certified, IVD-registered products and have shelf lives of up to three years at room temperature. Our high-quality reagents are reliable, batch-to-batch consistent, and available for your complete histological workflow. 

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Histological Routine Staining Solutions & Kits

Our range of ready-to-use histological staining solutions and kits help you to avoid direct contact with dry dyes and increases reproducibility—essential for laboratory audits. Our ready-to-use H&E (hematoxylin-eosin) staining solutions deliver robust results with brilliant differentiation and are made available in several package sizes. We also offer Giemsa, PAS (periodic acid-Schiff), van Gieson, and Alcian blue-staining solutions and kits. Our Schiff’s reagent can be stored at room temperature and used right out of the bottle without further preparation.

Histological Special Stains & Kits

Histological special stains are used in staining techniques to identify suspected pathogens or to demonstrate specific cellular components that aid pathologists in the evaluation of disease states. Our portfolio offers commonly applied special stains, with reagents and prepared solutions available in ready-to-use kits. Many of our special stain kits have microwave applications, so you can obtain your results in a fraction of the time.

ISOSLIDE® Control Slides with Reference Tissue

Our ISOSLIDE® control slides are reliable, CE-certified, IVD products that permit comparison between your specimen preparation and reference tissue for easy quality control. ISOSLIDE® control slides are available for both routine and special stains, allowing you to optimize and standardize staining procedures. We also offer ISOSLIDE® AFB control slides for the detection of acid-fast bacteria and ISOSLIDE® Congo Red for the detection of amyloid.

Auxiliaries for Histology

Our high-quality auxiliary products and reagents ensure reliable staining and long-term color stability. Find the reagents and labware you need for fixation, histoprocessing, decalcifying, embedding, deparaffinizing, dehydration, clearing and mounting of your tissue specimens. All our products have accompanying certificate of analysis (CoA) and comprehensive quality and process documentation to support laboratory accreditation and certification. Where possible, we also offer choice of standard and environmentally friendly chemical alternatives that conform to green initiatives. 

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