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Microbial Culture Media Raw Materials

Culture media raw materials are the core ingredients used to prepare own culture media formulations. We offer an extensive portfolio of granulated and powdered biological raw materials that include dehydrated raw materials, such as peptones, agar-agar, and extracts, as well as additives. They are available in many varieties to meet a wide range of microbiology applications. Dehydrated raw materials available in granulated format facilitate safe handling and optimal performance. Granulated raw materials produce less dust contamination of the laboratory environment and dissolve quickly to ensure optimal flow properties. All our raw materials combine handling safety and optimal performance. Our strict quality control and assurance standards are the basis for their production.   

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Peptones and Extracts

Peptones are a mixture of water-soluble polypeptides, peptides, amino acids, and other substances remaining after protein material digestion. Peptone quality is determined by selected raw material quality, digestion, or hydrolyzation parameters. Extracts are natural, dried, and purified extracts from yeast, plants, and animal-derived material, often used as a source of proteins, sugars, and essential grow factors. Raw materials must be stored to prevent spoilage organism growth. A variety of peptones and extracts are available for our customers that are made from selected quality materials and are suitable for a wide range of microbiological applications. For ethical and environmental reasons, we provide also one of the largest selections of plant peptones and extracts.


Agar-agar is used to prepare solid, agar-based culture media and is the cell wall polysaccharide that structures the cellular cohesion of seaweed. The ideal agar-agar for microbiological use is free of impurities, heat-resistant bacteria, and any substances that inhibit microorganism growth. The red algae genera containing agar-agar include Gelidium, Gracilaria, Petrocladia, and Anpheltia. The agar-agar manufactured from Gelidium sesquipedale ensures the best quality for bacteriological purposes.


Most selective media require special additives to ensure optimal performance for isolating and identifying specific microorganisms. We provide additional flexibility by offering a wide range of well suited additives, such as antibiotics, selective agents (e.g. bile salts and detergents), glycerol, sugars, buffers, salts, and growth factors. Culture media preparation or the addition of additives is time-consuming and a possible source of contamination. For your convenience, we also offer a wide range of both granulated and powdered culture media ready for media preparation.

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