Cytiva™ technologies have enabled breakthroughs in science and medicine that have shaped today's biotechnology industry. With a broad portfolio that includes Whatman® filters and membranes, Amersham™ chromatography columns and resins, tissue culture reagents, and products for sample preparation, blotting, and protein analysis, Cytiva™ advances the discovery and manufacture of therapeutics.

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Whatman® lab filtration products

Whatman® products are used for laboratory processes from basic sample filtration to high-throughput automated applications to demanding HPLC sample prep.

  • Filter paper, membrane filter, and syringe filter lab basics in materials, sizes, shapes and pore sizes
  • Automation-friendly Mini-UniPrep™ syringeless filters and vials, track-etched and Anopore™ membranes meet the stringent requirements of pharmaceutical companies.
  • Essential for environmental monitoring and air, water and soil testing, Whatman® products are cited in EPA, ASTM and ISO protocols.

Amersham™ resins and pre-packed columns for protein purification

Cytiva™ offers a variety of columns and resins for lab scale to process scale antibody and protein purification including solutions for affinity, ion exchange, and size exclusion chromatography.

  • GraviTrap™ columns are prepacked gravity-flow columns designed for fast and efficient manual purification of proteins and antibodies from cell culture supernatants and biological fluids.
  • SpinTrap™ columns are prepacked, single-use spin columns for simple, small-scale purification of proteins and antibodies.
  • HiTrap™ HP columns are prepacked with Sepharose™ High Performance resins for routine, preparative purification of proteins and antibodies.
  • MultiTrap™ 96-well filter plates provide a fast, reliable format for small-scale purification of antibodies or enrichment of proteins of interest using prepacked 96-well filter plates amenable to centrifugation or vacuum filtration, manually or using automated robotic systems.
  • HiScreen™ columns are part of the process development platform, and provide an excellent choice for method optimization and parameter screening.
  • Mag Sepharose™ media are comprised of sepharose-based magnetic beads designed to simplify enrichment of target proteins by immunoprecipitation or pull-down applications, and can be used for rapid, small-scale purification and screening of proteins and antibodies from serum and cell supernatants.
  • Capto™ HiRes™ prepacked columns for high-resolution purification of proteins and other biomolecules by ion exchange chromatography are well-suited for the preparation of highly pure proteins for structural studies and for protein analysis.
  • Sephacryl™, Superose™, and Sephadex™ prepacked gel filtration columns are available for size exclusion chromatography.
  • Sepharose™ and Sepharose™ Fast Flow resins are also available separately for scaling procedures.
    • Membranes, reagents, and equipment for Western blotting and chemiluminescent or fluorescent protein detection
    • Equipment and reagents for SDS-PAGE and isoelectric focusing (IEF)
    • Kits and buffers for protein lysis, extraction, and clean-up of proteins from tissues and cells

Protein sample preparation and analysis

Cytiva™ offers a comprehensive toolbox for analyzing proteins by electrophoresis, blotting, and imaging.

Cell analysis tools

Visualize, analyze, and realize your research goals with tools for high content analysis, high resolution microscopy, and super resolution imaging.

Cell therapy and cell processing reagents

High-quality media and reagents are key to consistent production. Cytiva™ products including density gradient media, cell culture media, and reagents yield robust and reproducible batches. This reliability minimizes the need for costly process changes or revalidations.

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