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Bioprocessing Systems Training and Specialized Services

Our experienced engineers will partner with you to ensure your equipment is operational as quickly as possible.

To ensure ultimate performance of your bioprocessing systems day after day, we offer a wide range of collaborative, comprehensive training and support services tailored to your manufacturing and regulatory requirements. Count on us to help you meet your goals with maximum efficiency at every step.

Specialized Services

  • Application Support: From the early phases of evaluating your system and product needs, to validation and test runs, our team is there to support you along the way – at your site, in one of our M Lab™ Collaboration Centers, or remotely. The choice is yours. As your manufacturing needs evolve, we are there with the scale-up support you need to grow efficiently while maintaining your process performance.
  • Gradient Testing: Mixing is a key process parameter for some applications, having significant impact on your final product. To ensure your system is achieving maximum mixing efficiency, we can perform linear and step gradient tests to verify mixing gradient accuracy. This service can be performed using common industry practices, or your unique processing conditions.
  • Network Qualification: Our Integritest® 5 system is able to connect to your on-site network for easier data storage, test log backup, multi-unit clustering, and more. The Network Qualification service for Integritest® 5 will document that the system functions properly when configured to your on-site network applications.

Training Services

Integrating a new system into your process is more than just placing the system into your suite – it also means time and resources to train your operators. Appropriate training of your operators is a cGMP requirement and ensures consistent, accurate operation of the system, while reducing process errors and costly investigations. Our team of quality, regulatory, and technology experts will work side-by-side with your operators.

  • Operator Training: Our expert team will hold hands-on sessions with your operators to make sure they know everything necessary to expertly operate and manage the system. All operator training is documented, and certificates are provided upon completion.
  • Common Control Platform® (CCP®) Software Training: Take your operators’ training to the next level with our CCP® software training – a specialized training service that will allow your operators to create and manage your own system recipes that allow for automatic operation. We offer several levels of software training, all designed to help your operators manage the system more autonomously and efficiently.

To learn everything needed to operate your system efficiently and expertly, contact us today.

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