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Sterile Environmental Swabs

Gamma-irradiated ICR Swabs

The ICR-Swab is a unique swab system for environmental monitoring of dry surfaces, such as filling needles, equipment recesses, uneven surfaces and tubing in clean rooms and isolators. It is designed for qualitative presence/absence tests for microbiological contamination. The swab requires opening only once for sampling, addition of broth, incubation and detection of turbidity, are performed within the closed system, minimizing the risk of potential contamination from handling.

Gamma-irradiated Swabs for Surface and Personnel Monitoring in Isolators and Cleanrooms

Secure and reliable

  • All-In-One-Design minimizes cross contamination risks
  • Triple bagged and gamma-sterilized to minimize contamination risks in clean-rooms
  • Low abrasion swab material pre-moistened with NaCl solution prevents growth promoting residues on the sample surface
  • 2D Data matrix barcode on each plate for secure identification of individual swabs
  • H2O2-impermeable inner packaging: Protects medium from VHP vapor during decontamination of isolator


  • Storage up to room temperature: storable at site of use
  • Easy handling: minimum of procedural steps


  • Usable in the presence of several antimicrobial residues such as hydrogen peroxide and a broad range of residues of disinfectants.
  • Suitable for monitoring difficult-to-access surfaces such as filling needles, equipment recesses, tubing etc.
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