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亚硝胺经证是沙坦家族活性药物成分 (API) 中的一种严重污染物。本文介绍了一种根据美国 FDA 指南测定缬沙坦片中亚硝胺含量的 GC-MS 方法,适用于药品质量控制。
Analysis of Pesticide Residues in Pistachios Using QuEChERS Extraction and Cleanup with Supel™ QuE Z-Sep+
Pistachios contain approximately 45% fat, which can result in a significant amount of coextracted matrix in the acetonitrile extract generated using the QuEChERS procedure. A zirconia based adsorbent significantly reduces coextracted matrix prior to LC-MS or GC-MS.
Importance of Ultrafiltration in Countering Climate Change
Filtration and ultrafiltration techniques in environmental sampling and environmental research.
Prestige Antibodies®抗体在乳腺癌研究中的应用
人类蛋白质图谱;Prestige Antibodies®抗体;Polyclonals多克隆抗体和Monoclonals单克隆抗体;临床标志物;用于乳腺癌研究的抗体
Characteristics of Dextrin Sepharose® High Performance Products
This page shows the characteristics of Dextrin Sepharose High Performance products from Cytiva.
Dextran and Related Polysaccharides
Learn about C6H10O6 or dextran formation, classes and naming. Dextrans are polysaccharides with molecular weights ≥1,000 Dalton, which have a linear backbone of α-linked d-glucopyranosyl repeating units.
Integrating Multiplex and High Sensitivity Immunoassay Detection of Alzheimer’s Disease Biomarkers
Learn how to integrate multiplex and high sensitivity immunoassay technology to further neuroscience research with MILLIPLEX® multiplex and Single Molecule Counting (SMC®) high sensitivity immunoassay detection of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) biomarkers in human cerebrospinal fluid, plasma, and serum samples.
Protocol for Purification, Optional Reduction, and SEC-MS Analysis of a Monoclonal Antibody
A complete workflow for the intact and middle-up mass analysis of reduced and non-reduced monoclonal antibodies based on SEC-MS with sample preparation by protein-A affinity clean-up.
Lithography Nanopatterning Tutorial
Tutorial Lithography Nanopatterning at Sigma-Aldrich. Lithography, based on traditional ink-printing techniques, is a process for patterning various layers, such as conductors, semiconductors, or dielectrics, on a surface.
Immunohistochemistry: Current Applications in Skin Cancer
Immunohistochemistry (IHC) techniques and applications have greatly improved, dermatopathology is still largely based on H&E stained slides.This paper outlines ways in which IHC antibodies can be utilized for dermatopathology.