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包括FITC-葡聚糖、FITC-DEAE-葡聚糖(FDD)、FITC-羧甲基 - 葡聚糖(FCM-葡聚糖)在内的FITC标记多糖的补充信息。本页面主要介绍了重均分子量对于对应分子尺寸和其他物理性质的影响
FITC-labelled polysaccharides
Additional information about FITC-labelled polysaccarides including FITC-Dextran, FITC-DEAE-dextran (FDD), FITC-carboxymethyl-dextran (FCM-Dextran). This page discusses the impact of weight-average molecular weight on the respective molecule dimensions and other physical properties
EGF Signaling: Tracing Cancer's Path
EGF Signaling: Tracing Cancer's Path
Nucleic Acid Sample Preparation Methodology
Spectrophotometry can be used to estimate DNA or RNA concentration and to analyze the purity of the preparation.
Single-Walled Carbon Nanohorn Properties & Applications
Single-walled carbon nanohorns(SWCNHs) - Find manufacturing, material properties, and applications of carbon nanohorns.
Immunohistochemistry: Current Applications in Skin Cancer
Immunohistochemistry (IHC) techniques and applications have greatly improved, dermatopathology is still largely based on H&E stained slides.This paper outlines ways in which IHC antibodies can be utilized for dermatopathology.
The ELISpot Assay Enables Functional Analysis of Cellular Immunology
The enzyme-linked immunosorbent spot (ELISpot ) assay enables visualization of multiple secretory products from a single responding cell. The ELISpot provides both qualitative (type of immune protein) and quantitative (number of responding cells) information.