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Cytoskeletal Signaling Antibodies, Reagents and Kits
N-SH2 UB93-3 H M R IP WB Sup M IgG 200 µL 05-217 Anti-PI3 Kinase, p85a, Rb Mab H M R FC IP WB Rb IgG 100 µL 04-403 IC IH(P) Anti-PI 3-Kinase p85α 8-2D-4D H M
Apoptosis - Antibodies, Reagents and Kits
$339 Anti-PI 3-Kinase, p85, N-SH2, clone UB93-3 H M R WB IP M IgG 200 µL 05-217 $329 Anti-PI 3-Kinase p85α, clone 8-2D-4D H M R IP IF FC M IgG1 100 µg MAB1143 $265
MAPK: Antibodies, Proteins, Kits, siRNA and Reagents
pKD-ROKa/ROCK-II-v4 H M R RNAi 5 µg 62-075 siRNA plasmid, pKD-ROKa/ROCK-II-v6 H M R RNAi 5 µg 62-076 ROKa/ROCK-II, active KA 10 µg 14-451 ROKb/ROCK-I, active KA 10 µg 14-601 SHC SHC is expressed