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GC Analysis of Xylene Isomers on SLB®-IL60
GC Analysis of Xylene Isomers on SLB®-IL60 - The cresol (methylphenol) isomers are also precursors to many chemicals. This chromatogram of a mix of aromatic and methylphenol compounds was generated using an SLB-IL60 ionic liquid column. Its interaction mechanisms allow
MSTFA/MSTFA-d9 Derivatization of Amphetamine for GC/MS Detection and Identification
Example displays how MSTFA/MSTFA-d9 derivatization of amphetamine provides valuable information in mass spectra and chromatograms using SLB-5ms GC column.
GC Analysis of Omega 3 Fatty Acids in Fish Oil Capsules and Farm Raised Salmon
nalysis of the omega 3 fatty acid profiles from fish oil capsules and salmon, highlighted through the use of 2 GC columns of different selectivity for analysts who wish to perform confirmatory analysis.
GC Analysis of a 37-Component FAME Mix on SP™-2560
A protocol for GC Analysis of a 37-Component FAME Mix on SP™-2560.
Standard Methods 6040D: GC Analysis of Geosmin and 2-MIB on SLB®-5ms after SPME using 50/30 µm DVB/Carboxen/PDMS Fiber
Separation of 2-Isopropyl-3-methoxypyrazine 20 ppt; 2-Isobutyl-3-methoxypyrazine; 2-Methylisoborneol; (±)-Geosmin 10 ppt
GC Analysis of Terpenes in Hops (Cascade Variety) on Equity®-1 after Headspace SPME using 50/30 µM DVB/CAR/PDMS Fiber
-ß-Farnesene; Humulene; γ-Muurolene; γ-Selinene; Geranyl isobutyrate; ß-Selinene; a-Muurolene; a-Selinene; γ-Cadinene; Calamenene; Δ-Cadinene; Caryophyllene oxide; Humulene oxide
Preparation, Uncertainty, and Certification of Ethanol Standards
Ethanol standards are widely used in forensic and toxicology applications for determination of blood alcohol content. Results of blood alcohol testing have significant legal implications and are frequently used as evidence in courts of law. The blood alcohol analysis process
GPA Method 2261: GC Analysis of Natural Gas on a Packed Column (GPA 3-Column Set)
Packed columns continue to be used in multi-column, multi-valve configurations for the determination of BTU content in natural gas and natural gas liquids as described in Gas Processors Association (GPA) Methods 2261 and 2177, plus American Society for Testing and
Testing Food for Fipronil Contamination
Test your food for fipronil contamination using our analytical standards, certified reference materials, solvents, and columns for analysis.
Veterinary Drug Residues
The use of veterinary drugs may be integral to the process of raising food producing animals and fish. These can include antibiotics, hormones, and steroids.
Analysis of Alkylphenols and Alkylphenol Ethoxylates Using new 13C-Labeled and Deuterated Internal Standards According to ISO 18857-2
Alkylphenols are starting materials for the synthesis of alkylphenol ethoxylates, which are widely used as non ionic tensides, dispersive agents in paper and leather manufacturing, emulsifiers for pesticide formulations and as auxiliary agents for drilling and flotation.
GC/MS Analysis of Ethanol in Low Alcohol Beer on SUPELCOWAX® 10 after Headspace SPME using a 100 µm PDMS Fiber
GC/MS Analysis of Ethanol in Low Alcohol Beer on SUPELCOWAX® 10 after Headspace SPME using a 100 μm PDMS Fiber
ASTM D6526: GC Analysis of Impurities in Toluene on SLB®-IL100, 60 m Column
ASTM D6526: GC Analysis of Impurities in Toluene on SLB®-IL100, 60 m Column
ASTM D5134: GC Analysis of Hydrocarbons on Petrocol® DH 50.2
This application demonstrates the suitability of the Petrocol column for the efficient analysis of hydrocarbons as listed in ASTM method D5134.
GC Analysis of a 37-Component FAME Mix on SP™-2560, Slower Oven Ramp
GC Analysis of a 37-Component FAME Mix on SP™-2560, Slower Oven Ramp
GC Analysis of Peppermint Essential Oil on SLB®-IL59
Cymene; 4,5,6,7-Tetrahydro-3,6-dimethylbenzofuran; Linalool; Menthol; Menthone; Menthyl acetate; Germacrene D; Bicyclogermacrene; Thymol
US EPA Method 8141: GC Analysis of Organophosphorus Pesticides (OP-Pest) on Equity®-5, NPD Detection
analytical standard; Tokuthion, technical grade, pkg of 50 mg; Crotoxyphos; Phorate; Azinphos-ethyl; Diazinon; Azinphos-methyl; Demeton-O; Dimethoate; Chlorpyrifos-methyl
Reduce Matrix Background and Improve Overall Analyte Recovery for the Analysis of Pesticides in Beef Kidney
Supel QuE Z-Sep+ was successfully demonstrated for cleanup of beef kidney matrix, providing reduced background and less interference in the GC-MS analysis of the target pesticides
GC Analysis of Lemon Essential Oil on SLB®-IL59, 3 °C/min Oven Ramp
-α-Bergamotene; β-Bisabolene; α-Terpineol; Neryl acetate; Geranyl acetate; Neral; Geranial
Ionic Liquid GC Capillary Columns
ionic liquids can successfully be used as viable GC stationary phases. These consist of two or more organic cations joined by a linkage, and associated with... improved inertness for polar analytes was the inspiration for the development of SLB™-IL (i-series)
GC Analysis of Peppermint Essential Oil on SUPELCOWAX® 10
-Cymene; (−)-Menthone; α-Terpineol, natural, ≥96%, FCC, FG; Terpinolene; β-Bourbonene; 1-Octen-3-ol; β-Caryophyllene; Linalool; α-Terpinene; (−)-Menthol
Water Determination in Liquefied Petroleum Gas using GC BID and Ionic Liquid Column Watercol
Using Watercol™ GC columns in conjunction with GC-BID can provide a reliable and practical option for Water determination in petrochemical feedstocks.
Determination of PAHs in Paprika Powder Using a Novel SPE Cartridge
Paprika is a spice made from dried sweet peppers, and is used for flavor and color in many types of cuisine. Contamination with polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) can occur when pepper plants are exposed to these pollutants in the environment
Improved Determination of Volatile Organic Compounds in Water by SPME and GC/MS: ISO Standard 17944
High performance, reliability, and reproducibility of HS-SPME in combination with GC/MS for the determination of VOCs in water was proven in an interlaboratory trial. The new ISO 17943 using HS-SPME is an improvement on existing official methods for this determination
Analysis of Bisphenol A in Food by Solid Phase Microextraction Using an Overcoated Fiber
Bisphenol A (BPA) is suspected to be an endocrine disruptor. Regulations on specific migration limits (SML) from food contact materials are getting tighter (EU 2018/213) requiring more sensitive determinations. An overcoated SPME fiber provides the durability necessary for direct
US EPA Method 325B Compliance
The new US federal regulation 40 CFR Parts 60 and 63 – Petroleum Refinery Sector Risk and Technology Review and New Source Performance Standards, is an update to the previous version.
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