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Trifunctional Probe Building Blocks
In partnership with Pfizer chemists, we have compiled a collection of trifunctional building blocks to enable development of probes.
Isotopically Labeled Steroid Standards
We offer a wide variety of labeled bioactive compounds including steroids, vitamins, and their metabolites.
Fragment-Based DNA-Encoded Library for Drug Discovery
Obtain over 30-fold increase in signal-to-noise ratios for better results. The DyNAbind library architecture permits dynamic reshuffling until the members are stabilized by binding to the target protein.
Future of Drug Discovery with DNA Encoded Libraries
DNA encoded libraries (DELs) offer a paradigm shift in drug discovery by leveraging molecular biology and high-throughput screening. DELs offer a full high-throughput screening library in one vial. Along with our DEL data package, machine learning and AI can be