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3D 细胞培养工具和技术
基于Purospher™ STAR RP-8封端HPLC色谱柱和紫外检测法的泛昔洛韦片USP专论法
按照最新版泛昔洛韦片USP专论法,可利用Purospher™ STAR RP-8封端HPLC色谱柱监测泛昔洛韦片剂中的有机杂质。泛昔洛韦(Famciclovir)是一种抗病毒药物,用于治疗带状疱疹、单纯疱疹病毒2型(生殖器疱疹)、唇疱疹(唇疮)等。
The Role of Intestinal Efflux Transporters In Drug Absorption
We presents an article on The Role of Intestinal Efflux Transporters In Drug Absorption.
Human Renal Proximal Tubule Epithelial Cells (RPTEC) as an Essential Advanced Model to Express Kidney Drug Transporters and Toxicity
Human renal proximal tubule epithelial cells (RPTECs) are commonly used to predict human renal drug permeability and to investigate drug efflux. We have generated transporter knockout (KO) cell lines using CompoZr® Zinc Finger Nuclease (ZFN) technology in a proprietary renal
Hit Discovery & Confirmation for Early Drug Discovery
Hit discovery and confirmation allows identification of molecules acting against the target. It requires compound screening assays, depending on the drug target.
3D Cell Culture Tools and Techniques
3D cell culture overview. Learn about 2D vs 3D cell culture, advantages of 3D cell culture, and techniques available to develop 3D cell models
Antimicrobial Peptides
With bacterial resistance and emerging infectious diseases becoming potential threats to humans, ribosomally synthesized antimicrobial peptides have become a promising focus area in antibiotic research.
Membrane Integrity Test for Lipid-PAMPA Artificial Membranes
This is a protocol for a Membrane Integrity test for Lipid-PAMPA Artificial Membranes
Using Human iPS Cell-derived Colon Organoids for Cytotoxicity Screening of Drug Compounds
Human epithelial intestinal colonic organoids can be used as an alternative to Caco-2 drug permeability assays for drug screening and compound toxicity testing.
3D Organoid Culture: New In Vitro Models of Development and Disease
Organoid culture products to generate tissue and stem cell derived 3D brain, intestinal, gut, lung and cancer tumor organoid models.
Caco-2 Intestinal Drug Transporter Models for More Predictive Drug Absorption
Utilize these Caco-2 cell based assay tools for screening small molecule drug compounds prior to clinical studies and submission to regulatory agencies.
Assay and Organic Impurity Profiling of Apixaban Using an Ascentis® Express C18 Column and UV Detection
Apixaban is sold under the tradename Eliquis and at present no pharmacopeial monographs are available for Axpixaban using either an assay and/or organic impurity profiling method. A newly developed and validated HPLC-UV method using a column with C18 solid core
Immuno Oncology Research Tools and Solutions
Whether you need screening tools for CAR/TCR therapies and mAB development, target cells for efficacy testing, or potency assays for clinical development, we provide functional biologically-relevant solutions to help you save time, accelerate your immuno-oncology research, and simplify your workflow.
Drug transport assays in a 96-well system: reproducibility and correlation to human absorption
Application note on Drug transport assays in a 96-well system using Millicell-96 System from Millipore.
Famciclovir Tablets USP Monograph Method Using a Purospher™ STAR RP-8 endcapped HPLC Column and UV Detection
Following the new USP monograph for Famciclovir Tablets, Purospher™ STAR RP-8 endcapped HPLC columns can be used to monitor organic impurities in Famciclovir tablet formulations. Famciclovir is an antiviral drug indicated for the treatment of herpes zoster, herpes simplex virus
Degrader Building Blocks for Targeted Protein Degradation
Protein Degrader Building Blocks are a collection of crosslinker-E3 ligand conjugates with a pendant functional group for covalent linkage to a target ligand.
ADCC Assay Using BioIVT Cryopreserved NK Cells
ADCC assay performance and reproducibility using ready-to-use, cryopreserved NK effector cells, A549 target cells expressing a luciferase reporter gene, and anti-EGFR antibody.
Combining Permeability and Solubility Analyses in a Single Workflow
This article details the benefits of combining solubility and a non-cell based permeability assay (Parallel Artificial Membrane Permeation Assay; PAMPA) into a single workflow in which a portion of the filtrate from the MultiScreen® Solubility filter plate is added to
Unnatural Amino Acids
Unnatural amino acids, the non-proteinogenic amino acids that either occur naturally or are chemically synthesized, are becoming more and more important as tools for modern drug discovery research.
Comparing Quantitative Viability Bioassays: An Evaluation of MTT, alamarBlue™, and Guava® ViaCount® Methods
This article shows a comparison of the quantitative viability bioassays MTT, alamarBlue™, and Guava® ViaCount®.
Evaluation of the reproducibility of Parallel Artificial Membrane Permeation Assays (PAMPA)
This is a white paper on the Evaluation of the reproducibility of Parallel Artificial Membrane Permeation Assays (PAMPA) using MultiScreen® Filter Plates.
The Role of Liver Transporters in Drug-Drug Interactions
Oral drug delivery involves dissolution in the small intestine and absorption across the enterocyte barrier into the portal vein followed by subsequent delivery through the liver into the systemic circulation.