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本协议描述了一种使用甲醛完成化学交联蛋白质的方法。除零长交联剂外,甲醛是交联跨度最短(~2-3 ?)的交联剂,因此使其成为非常可靠地检测特定蛋白质-蛋白质相互作用的理想工具。
Protein Interactions
This protocol describes a method for chemical cross-linking of proteins using formaldehyde. With the exception of zero-length cross-linkers, formaldehyde has the shortest cross-linking span (~2-3 Å) of any cross-linking reagent, thus making it an ideal tool for detecting specific protein-protein
Chromatofocusing: Principles and Methods
This page covers the principles and methods of chromatofocusing, a chromatography technique that separates proteins according to differences in their isoelectric point (pI).