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Shoujun Chen et al.
The FEBS journal, 280(10), 2120-2137 (2013-01-22)
Small leucine-rich proteoglycans (SLRPs) are involved in a variety of biological and pathological processes. This review focuses on their regulatory roles in matrix assembly. SLRPs have protein cores and hypervariable glycosylation with multivalent binding abilities. During development, differential interactions of...
IgG-lymphoplasmacytic lymphoma following polycythemia vera: JAK2 V617F and MYD88 L265P mutations separated in the same house.
Luisa Anelli et al.
Annals of hematology, 93(9), 1605-1607 (2014-01-11)
Václava Bauerová et al.
Folia microbiologica, 59(6), 485-493 (2014-06-02)
Vacuolar hydrolases have been thoroughly characterized in Saccharomyces cerevisiae, but their homologues in the fungal pathogen Candida albicans have received less attention. The genes APR1 and CPY1 of C. albicans encode putative vacuolar aspartic proteinase and serine carboxypeptidase, respectively. We...
Cell biology. Making sense of amino acid sensing.
Robert T Abraham
Science (New York, N.Y.), 347(6218), 128-129 (2015-01-13)
Ying Zhou et al.
The Analyst, 139(12), 3122-3126 (2014-05-03)
A new type of rapid, sensitive, and selective fluorescence turn-on assay was developed for detection of histidine using a DNA-scaffolded silver nanocluster/Cu(2+) ensemble (DNA-AgNC/Cu(2+)). Cu(2+) was first bound to nucleic acids of the DNA-AgNCs forming a DNA-AgNC/Cu(2+) ensemble and then...
Christopher Brooks Mobley et al.
Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, 11, 38-38 (2014-08-19)
The purpose of this study was to examine if L-leucine (Leu), β-hydroxy-β-methylbutyrate (HMB), or creatine monohydrate (Crea) prevented potential atrophic effects of myostatin (MSTN) on differentiated C2C12 myotubes. After four days of differentiation, myotubes were treated with MSTN (10 ng/ml) for...
Jose Castro-Perez et al.
Rapid communications in mass spectrometry : RCM, 28(22), 2471-2479 (2014-10-11)
The ability to quantify rates of formation, regression and/or remodeling of atherosclerotic plaque should facilitate a better understanding of the pathogenesis and management of cardiovascular disease. In the current study, we coupled a stable isotope labeled tracer protocol with matrix-assisted...
Sebastian Kalamajski et al.
Matrix biology : journal of the International Society for Matrix Biology, 29(4), 248-253 (2010-01-19)
Small leucine-rich proteoglycans/proteins (SLRPs) are associated with collagen fibril formation, and therefore important for the proper formation of extracellular matrices. SLRPs are differentially expressed in tissues and during pathological conditions, contributing to the development of connective tissue properties. The binding...
Matthew J Betts et al.
Nucleic acids research, 43(2), e10-e10 (2014-11-14)
Systematic interrogation of mutation or protein modification data is important to identify sites with functional consequences and to deduce global consequences from large data sets. Mechismo ( enables simultaneous consideration of thousands of 3D structures and biomolecular interactions to predict...
Sheng-Yuan Wang et al.
Molecular bioSystems, 11(4), 1146-1155 (2015-02-18)
Acrylamide (ACR) is known to induce neurotoxicity in humans and occupational exposure to ACR has an effect on human health. Since some animal experiments indicate the metabolic change caused by the ACR based on the metabolomics, increasing concern is the...
Ji-Feng Xu et al.
PloS one, 9(12), e114627-e114627 (2014-12-17)
The physiological role of microRNAs (miRNAs) in osteoblast differentiation remains elusive. Exosomal miRNAs isolated from human bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells (BMSCs) culture were profiled using miRNA arrays containing probes for 894 human matured miRNAs. Seventy-nine miRNAs (∼8.84%) could be...
Hamdi Hosni Hamdan Hamama et al.
The journal of adhesive dentistry, 16(6), 507-516 (2014-12-18)
To evaluate the effect of enzyme-based (Papacárie) and sodium-hypochlorite-based (Carisolv) chemomechanical caries removal methods on bonding of self-etching adhesives to caries-affected dentin, in comparison to the standard rotary-instrument caries removal method. Seventy-eight carious permanent molars exhibiting frank cavitation into dentin...
Mostafizur Mazumder et al.
Nucleic acids research, 42(14), 9514-9522 (2014-07-25)
Modularity in controlling gene expression artificially is becoming an essential aspect of synthetic biology. Artificial transcriptional control of gene expression is one of the most well-developed methods for the design of novel synthetic regulatory networks. Such networks are intended to...
M Pelà et al.
Die Pharmazie, 69(7), 496-499 (2014-07-31)
The synthesis of non natural amino acid 2-amino-3,3,4-trimethyl-pentanoic acid (Ipv) ready for solid phase peptide synthesis has been developed. Copper (I) chloride Michael addition, followed by a Curtius rearrangement are the key steps for the lpv synthesis. The racemic valine/leucine...
IL-17 T cells' defective differentiation in vitro despite normal range ex vivo in chronic mucocutaneous candidiasis due to STAT1 mutation.
Najla Mekki et al.
The Journal of investigative dermatology, 134(4), 1155-1157 (2013-12-18)
Amely M Verreijen et al.
The American journal of clinical nutrition, 101(2), 279-286 (2015-02-04)
Intentional weight loss in obese older adults is a risk factor for muscle loss and sarcopenia. The objective was to examine the effect of a high whey protein-, leucine-, and vitamin D-enriched supplement on muscle mass preservation during intentional weight...
Fei Xiong et al.
Journal of pharmaceutical sciences, 103(12), 4030-4037 (2014-10-23)
Over the last decade, various magnetic nanomaterials have been developed as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) contrast agents; the greatest challenges encountered for clinical application have been insufficient stability. In this paper, a lyophilization method for 2, 3-dimercaptosuccinic acid-modified iron oxide...
Judit Pogany et al.
Journal of virology, 89(10), 5714-5723 (2015-03-13)
Similar to other positive-strand RNA viruses, tombusviruses are replicated by the membrane-bound viral replicase complex (VRC). The VRC consists of the p92 virus-coded RNA-dependent RNA polymerase (RdRp), the viral p33 RNA chaperone, and several co-opted host proteins. In order to...
Ryoji Yanagisawa et al.
The American journal of cardiology, 115(6), 831-836 (2015-02-03)
Plasma amino acid concentrations (aminogram) show distinct patterns under various pathologic conditions. However, the plasma aminogram pattern in patients with pulmonary hypertension (PH) has not been elucidated. We sought to examine whether an aminogram could be predictive of clinical severity...
Liam McAllan et al.
Journal of physiology and biochemistry, 69(1), 155-163 (2012-04-27)
Body weight is determined by the balance between energy intake and energy expenditure. When energy intake exceeds energy expenditure, the surplus energy is stored as fat in the adipose tissue, which causes its expansion and may even lead to the...
Zheng Xiang et al.
Molecular bioSystems, 11(4), 1067-1078 (2015-01-30)
The cooperative material basis of the multi-component and multi-target mechanism of action of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is difficult to elucidate because of the current lack of appropriate techniques and strategies. In this paper, we focus on rhubarb treatment of...
Wen Liu et al.
Anticancer research, 35(4), 1917-1927 (2015-04-12)
Canine prostate cancer represents a spontaneous animal model for the human counterpart. Cells with stem cell-like character are considered to play a major role in therapeutic resistance and tumor relapse. Thus, the identification of markers allowing for recognition and characterization...
Natalie Wolkow et al.
Experimental eye research, 128, 92-101 (2014-10-04)
The purpose of our studies was to examine the relationship between iron and melanogenesis in retinal pigment epithelial cells, as prior observations had suggested that iron may promote melanogenesis. This relationship has potential clinical importance, as both iron overload and...
Kayleigh M Dodd et al.
American journal of physiology. Endocrinology and metabolism, 302(11), E1329-E1342 (2012-02-23)
Amino acid availability is a rate-limiting factor in the regulation of protein synthesis. When amino acid supplies become restricted, mammalian cells employ homeostatic mechanisms to rapidly inhibit processes such as protein synthesis, which demands high levels of amino acids. Muscle...
Aihua Zhang et al.
Scientific reports, 4, 6768-6768 (2014-10-25)
Alcohol-induced liver disease (ALD) is a leading cause of non-accident-related deaths in the world. Identification of an early specific signature of ALD would aid in therapeutic intervention. Scoparone is an important constituent of Yinchenhao, and displayed bright prospects in hepatoprotective...
Franca F Kirchberg et al.
The Journal of clinical endocrinology and metabolism, 100(1), 149-158 (2014-11-05)
The protective effect of breast-feeding against later obesity may be explained by the lower protein content compared with formula milk. However, the metabolic mechanisms remain unknown. We studied the metabolic response to a higher or lower protein supply in infancy....
[Endogenous metabolites--the role of leucine in the regulation of physiological function].
Zi-Quan Lv et al.
Sheng li ke xue jin zhan [Progress in physiology], 43(5), 337-340 (2013-01-16)
Changting Xiao et al.
Diabetes, 63(7), 2394-2401 (2014-03-04)
The dipeptidyl peptidase-4 inhibitor sitagliptin, an antidiabetic agent, which lowers blood glucose levels, also reduces postprandial lipid excursion after a mixed meal. The underlying mechanism of this effect, however, is not clear. This study examined the production and clearance of...
Humberto Nicastro et al.
Amino acids, 40(2), 287-300 (2010-06-02)
The characterization of the mechanisms underlying skeletal muscle atrophy under different conditions has been a constant focus of research. Among anti-atrophic therapies, amino acid supplementation, particularly with leucine, has received a lot of attention. Supplementation has been shown to have...
Abby S Gelb et al.
Analytical chemistry, 86(22), 11396-11402 (2014-10-21)
While ion-neutral collision cross sections (CCSs) can be directly calculated from drift tube ion mobility spectrometry (DTIMS) data, measurements made using the more recently introduced traveling wave ion mobility spectrometry (TWIMS) technique are usually calibrated using standards with known CCS....
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