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Kesavan Devarayan et al.
Carbohydrate polymers, 94(1), 468-478 (2013-04-03)
N(α)-t-Butyloxycarbonyl (Boc)-amino acids (Xaa = Gly, Ala, or β-Ala) were reacted with the cellulose hydroxyl groups (O-acylation) using N,N'-carbonyl diimidazole. The degrees of substitution toward the total hydroxyl groups (DS%(/OH)s) were 38% for O-(Boc-Gly)-Cellulose, 29% for O-(Boc-Ala)-Cellulose and 53% for
Semagacestat for treatment of Alzheimer's disease.
Rachelle S Doody et al.
The New England journal of medicine, 369(17), 1661-1661 (2013-10-25)
Enzymes in the D-alanine branch of bacterial cell wall peptidoglycan assembly.
C T Walsh
The Journal of biological chemistry, 264(5), 2393-2396 (1989-02-15)
C J L Silwood et al.
Journal of dental research, 81(6), 422-427 (2002-07-05)
We have explored the ability of high-resolution NMR techniques to (1) index salivary biomolecules and (2) provide valuable data regarding intra- and inter-subject variability in the concentrations of a series of components readily determinable by this technique (organic acids and
Zhen Yan et al.
Biochimica et biophysica acta, 1844(4), 736-743 (2014-02-05)
Heterodimeric 2-oxoacid:ferredoxin oxidoreductase (OFOR) from Sulfolobus tokodaii (StOFOR) has only one [4Fe-4S]²⁺ cluster, ligated by 4 Cys residues, C12, C15, C46, and C197. The enzyme has no other Cys. To elucidate the role of these Cys residues in holding of
Chinnaiyan Mahalingam Rajesh et al.
Dalton transactions (Cambridge, England : 2003), 43(34), 12952-12960 (2014-07-16)
We are reporting structural characterization of two new hexanuclear cages (H3O)2[Cu3(μ3-OH)(μ3-NH3)(0.5)(L)3]2·8H2O (1) and (H3O)2[Cu3(μ3-OH)(μ3-H2O)(0.5)(L)3]2·8H2O (1a) where L(2-) is the dianionic form of the Schiff base of L-alanine and salicylaldehyde. The complex 1 has two C3 symmetric hydroxo bridged trinuclear halves
Semagacestat's fall: where next for AD therapies?
Kaj Blennow et al.
Nature medicine, 19(10), 1214-1215 (2013-10-09)
Seok-Min Kang et al.
Clinical biochemistry, 44(4), 293-299 (2010-12-21)
We sought to identify metabolic pathways characterizing human heart failure (HF) using ¹NMR based urinary metabolomic analysis in conjunction with multivariate statistics. Patients with systolic HF of ischemic origin (n=15) and healthy controls (n=20) participated in this study. Patients with
Sally Yu Shi et al.
Nature communications, 6, 7415-7415 (2015-06-17)
Reactive oxygen species (ROS) have been linked to a wide variety of pathologies, including obesity and diabetes, but ROS also act as endogenous signalling molecules, regulating numerous biological processes. DJ-1 is one of the most evolutionarily conserved proteins across species
Mark G Jones et al.
Clinica chimica acta; international journal of clinical chemistry, 361(1-2), 150-158 (2005-07-05)
Previous work by others have suggested the occurrence of one or more chemical or metabolic 'markers' for ME/CFS including specific amino acids and organic acids and a number of unidentified compounds (CFSUM1, CFSUM2). We have shown elsewhere that CFSUM1 is
Karolina Malecek et al.
Journal of immunological methods, 392(1-2), 1-11 (2013-03-19)
T cell receptors (TCRs) on T cells recognize peptide-major histocompatibility complex (pMHC) molecules on the surface of antigen presenting cells and this interaction determines the T cell immune response. Due to negative selection, naturally occurring TCRs bind self (tumor) peptides
Aubérie Parent et al.
Nature communications, 6, 5686-5686 (2015-01-20)
Friedreich's ataxia is a severe neurodegenerative disease caused by the decreased expression of frataxin, a mitochondrial protein that stimulates iron-sulfur (Fe-S) cluster biogenesis. In mammals, the primary steps of Fe-S cluster assembly are performed by the NFS1-ISD11-ISCU complex via the
Industrial production of L-alanine using immobilized Escherichia coli and Pseudomonas dacunhae.
I Chibata et al.
Microbiological sciences, 1(3), 58-62 (1984-06-01)
Kevin Guo et al.
Analytical chemistry, 81(10), 3919-3932 (2009-03-25)
We report a new quantitative metabolome profiling technique based on differential (12)C-/(13)C-isotope dansylation labeling of metabolites, fast liquid chromatography (LC) separation and electrospray ionization Fourier-transform ion cyclotron resonance mass spectrometry (ESI-FTICR MS) detection. An isotope reagent, (13)C-dansyl chloride, can be
L O Kristensen
The American journal of physiology, 251(5 Pt 1), G575-G584 (1986-11-01)
Alanine transport across the liver cell membrane is a regulated key process in the amino acid metabolism of the body. The majority of alanine influx in hepatocytes is Na+ dependent and is stimulated by intracellular negativity. The molar ratio between
Seiji Ishii et al.
Biochemistry, 52(15), 2545-2555 (2013-03-29)
The ATP-binding cassette (ABC) transporter ComA is a key molecule essential for the first step of the quorum-sensing system of Streptococcus. The nucleotide binding domains (NBD) of Streptococcus mutans ComA with different N termini, NBD1 (amino acid residues 495-760), NBD2
Rebamipide suppresses collagen-induced arthritis through reciprocal regulation of th17/treg cell differentiation and heme oxygenase 1 induction.
Moon SJ, Park JS, Woo YJ, et al.
Arthritis & Rheumatology (Hoboken, N.J.), 66(4), 874-885 (2014)
Reno Winter et al.
Biological chemistry, 394(8), 951-963 (2013-04-25)
The prospective increase in life expectancy will be accompanied by a rise in the number of elderly people who suffer from ill health caused by old age. Many diseases caused by aging are protein misfolding diseases. The molecular mechanisms underlying
Yoon Jeong Choi et al.
Digestive diseases and sciences, 59(12), 2927-2934 (2014-10-07)
PMK-S005 is synthetic s-allyl-L-cysteine (SAC), a sulfur-containing amino acid, which was initially isolated from garlic. The antioxidant and anti-inflammation activities of SAC have been demonstrated in diverse experimental animal models. The purpose of this study was to investigate the gastroprotective
Di Wu et al.
Biochemical and biophysical research communications, 433(4), 538-541 (2013-03-26)
The Hippo (Hpo) pathway is a conserved tumor suppressor pathway that controls organ size through the coordinated regulation of apoptosis and proliferation. Drosophila Salvador (Sav), which limits organ size, is a core component of the Hpo pathway. In this study
Heidi Turkia et al.
Talanta, 131, 366-371 (2014-10-05)
The amino acid composition of cultivation broth is known to affect the biomass accumulation, productivity, and vitality of yeast during cultivation. A separation method based on capillary electrophoresis with laser-induced fluorescence (LIF) detection was developed for the determination of amino
Roland Wakiec et al.
Antimicrobial agents and chemotherapy, 52(11), 4057-4063 (2008-09-17)
The susceptibility to several oligopeptide and amino acid antifungals of a Saccharomyces cerevisiae strain carrying multiple deletions in yeast multidrug resistance genes was compared to transformants containing the CDR1, CDR2, or MDR1 genes that encode the major Candida albicans drug
Gordon Sproul
Origins of life and evolution of the biosphere : the journal of the International Society for the Study of the Origin of Life, 45(4), 427-437 (2015-08-08)
Researchers have formed peptide bonds under a variety of presumed prebiotic conditions. Here it is proposed that these same conditions would have also formed amide bonds between fatty acids and amino acids, producing phosphate-free amphipathic lipoamino acids and lipopeptides. These
Aaron D Pearson et al.
Science (New York, N.Y.), 347(6224), 863-867 (2015-02-24)
The fleeting lifetimes of the transition states (TSs) of chemical reactions make determination of their three-dimensional structures by diffraction methods a challenge. Here, we used packing interactions within the core of a protein to stabilize the planar TS conformation for
Alanine scanning mutagenesis of the human erythrocyte glucose transporter putative ATP binding domain.
K B Levine et al.
Blood cells, molecules & diseases, 27(1), 139-142 (2001-05-19)
Dale A Schoeller
The Journal of nutrition, 143(6), 763-765 (2013-04-26)
Light element isotope signatures have been used to study food webs in many ecological niches, including those of ancient humans, but to a far lesser extent in modern humans. A recent paper presented results from a pilot study testing the
Cyril Basquin et al.
The EMBO journal, 34(16), 2147-2161 (2015-07-01)
Endocytosis controls many functions including nutrient uptake, cell division, migration and signal transduction. A clathrin- and caveolin-independent endocytosis pathway is used by important physiological cargos, including interleukin-2 receptors (IL-2R). However, this process lacks morphological and dynamic data. Our electron microscopy
P Klassen et al.
The American journal of clinical nutrition, 73(3), 647-652 (2001-03-10)
Plasma free amino acid patterns in health and disease have been reported. However, amino acid concentrations in adult populations in developing countries and in patients with dengue, as a model for an acute infectious viral disease endemic to the tropics
S Ishiwata et al.
The Tohoku journal of experimental medicine, 176(1), 61-68 (1995-05-01)
To evaluate the clinical usefulness of serum 1-methyladenosine, several modifications have been made in our previously established inhibition ELISA system. Horseradish peroxidase (HRP) labeled anti-mouse IgG and 3,3',5,5'-tetramethylbenzidine (TMBZ) were used as a secondary antibody and a substrate, respectively. The
Su Young Noh et al.
Molecular immunology, 64(1), 183-189 (2014-12-08)
Lactobacilli are probiotic bacteria that are considered to be beneficial in the gastrointestinal tract of humans. Although lactobacilli are well known to alleviate intestinal inflammation, the molecular basis of this phenomenon is poorly understood. In this study, we investigated the
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