A polar copper-boron one-electron σ-bond.

Journal of the American Chemical Society (2013-02-20)
Marc-Etienne Moret, Limei Zhang, Jonas C Peters

Virtually all chemical bonds consist of one or several pairs of electrons shared by two atoms. Examples of σ-bonds made of a single electron delocalized over two neighboring atoms were until recently found only in gas-phase cations such as H2(+) and Li2(+) and in highly unstable species generated in solid matrices. Only in the past decade was bona fide one-electron bonding observed for molecules in fluid solution. Here we report the isolation and structural characterization of a thermally stable compound featuring a Cu-B one-electron bond, as well as its oxidized (nonbonded) and reduced (two-electrons-bonded) congeners. This triad provides an excellent opportunity to study the degree of σ-bonding in a metalloboratrane as a function of electron count.

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硼, crystalline, 1 cm, 99.7% trace metals basis