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As a leading life science company, we provide scientists and engineers with the best-in-class lab materials, technologies and services.

As part of our Sustainability and Social Business Innovation work, we have a commitment to science education programs and are passionate about sparking curiosity in the next generation of scientists. Our science education outreach programs are modeled on the principles of inclusion and equity. We focus on underrepresented populations in science, including people of color and women. We model this behavior as diverse leaders and volunteers work directly with students in their own communities. We want to inspire young students by showing them that scientists all over the world, who look just like them, are working to create a better tomorrow.

The foundation of our science education programming is Curiosity Labs™, a program that engages students with hands on, inquiry-based learning, applies scientific concepts to “real world” settings and connects classrooms to professionals in various scientific fields. We provide all the necessary materials and equipment at no cost for our trained employee volunteers to facilitate full science lessons collaboratively developed with life science employees and education experts.

Explore the site to learn more about Curiosity Labs™, get to know a few of our scientists and learn how to become a Partner School.


The Curiosity Labs™ program offers a “menu” of lessons that is updated on a continual basis. Teachers have the opportunity to choose a lesson topic; ensuring lessons correspond with current classroom content. All lessons are developed with Life Science employees and education experts, aligning to the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). They encourage students to use their own curiosity and the scientific method to answer questions. We offer both in class and on site lessons at no cost, but schools are responsible for transportation to and from lessons hosted at our facilities.

On Site Lessons

  • Hosted at an approved company site at no cost
  • A Curiosity Lab™ lesson is led by trained employees and includes a tour of the facility
  • Schools are responsible for transportation to and from our premise
  • Q&A with employees on career opportunities and general STEM topics
  • Details vary by site and teacher preference, but visits are typically 2-3 hours

In Class Lessons

  • Trained employees travel to the school with all the materials and equipment needed for the lesson at no cost
  • Each lesson is designed to last one class period(45-60 minutes), but we typically facilitate several consecutive lessons to fill one teacher’s classes for the day
  • A Curiosity Lab™ lesson is led by trained employee volunteers and provides students the opportunity to meet and learn from STEM professionals

Meet Our Scientists

Information for Teachers

The Curiosity Lab™ lessons are designed to supplement your classroom curriculum. We find that students are able to receive the most value from our lessons when they have at least baseline knowledge of the topic. Our lessons were written for an audience of students ages 8-13, but they can be adjusted with your input to best fit your students’ needs. We will work with teachers prior to entering the classroom to ensure our volunteers are able to maximize their time with students.

If you have any questions, please email us at

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