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Going Viral: Process and Facility Design Considerations for CGT Manufacturing


Viral vector therapies are gaining increasing traction with more and more companies looking to take the leap from other biologics. In the early stages of clinical development, it’s expedient to outsource to de-risk the venture. For CGTs, this can be challenging because CDMO capacity is limited and the manufacturing complexity is higher than for other biologics. Nevertheless, experience in bioprocessing can be leveraged.

Understanding the similarities and differences between CGT and other biologics processes is crucial to design a facility. Comparisons will be made between mAb and viral vector facility layouts. Based on this, considerations for your strategy development will be explored.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Key differences in viral vector vs. other biologics manufacturing processes
  • How these differences translate to facility layout
  • How to develop a strategy to increase your long-term business value


David Loong, Ph.D.

David Loong, Ph.D.


Senior Consultant, Novel Modalities Asia Pacific, Bioprocessing Strategy

David Loong is our senior consultant, novel modalities APAC, bioprocessing strategy. Previously, David held roles as a senior scientist in biotech startups encompassing cell & gene therapy process development services, mAb discovery, and preclinical development. He has an extensive track record providing contract research services as a senior research scientist at AMRI Global, and as a product custodian for API GMP manufacturing at GSK. He holds a Ph.D. in synthetic organic chemistry from the Australian National University and a BTech(Hons) from Massey University (NZ) specializing in chemistry and process engineering.

Ina Bhartia

Ina Bhartia


Senior Strategy Manager

Ina is a senior strategy manager for the company's Life Science Services and external Consulting Services business. With a business chemistry and consulting background, Ina is well-equipped to solve both technical and business problems. In this webinar, Ina focuses on helping our customers build capabilities in biologics and novel modalities. Furthermore, she is in charge of driving key strategic expansion projects. Based in Singapore, she works mainly with customers in the APAC and middle-east region to build the bridge between a company's vision, strategy, and execution.

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