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Digital In-process Analyses Solutions to Solve Increased Testing Needs


Small instruments and mobile phone-based analytical methods save time and improve data quality of point-of-sampling analyses. Quality and regulatory requirements have been creating an increasing need to monitor production processes in food and beverage production and in water processing. From an economic perspective, in-process testing is a valuable checkpoint to ensure that production processes are running smoothly, i.e. that product composition is consistent with desired values in terms of nutritional compounds and free of contaminating substances.

However, increased testing creates challenges in terms of materials and methods used, staff training, increased cost, and administrative efforts to create and document testing results.

In this webinar, learn how easy-to-use digital in-process analyses solutions can solve the increased need for testing, training, and documentation by providing easy-to-use analytical solutions with automatic data documentation, all the while keeping the costs of doing in-process analyses low.

Find solutions for fast and precise testing in water and food testing, disinfection control as well as environmental testing, farming, and aquaculture.

  • Introduction and comparison of instrument-based rapid chemical testing: established methods and novel approaches
  • What to test and why: benefits of point-of-sampling testing in production environments
  • How to test: practical application examples for specific quality parameters


Saskia Neubacher, Ph.D.

Saskia Neubacher, Ph.D.


Global Product Manager for Rapid Chemical Testing

Saskia is a dedicated specialist for analytical methods in chemical rapid testing in the fields of food and beverage production, environmental testing, and disinfection control. From rapid visual tests, to precise reflectometric and photometric solutions, to new digital opportunities, she will share insights in advantages and challenges of various rapid chemical testing options and introduce new opportunities for lab testing in the future.

Webinar Information

Analytical chemistry

  • Photometry and reflectometry

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