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Trade Compliance

The Trade Compliance team is supporting our customers with legal compliance expertise in domestic and international trade.

Our Company is committed to upholding best-in-class trade compliance standards to ensure our customers’ access to a secure and protected supply chain. Our mission is to create and sustain the requisite conditions for trade and product compliance to pursue maximum customs and excise tax benefits for all imports and exports.

The operational scope of the Trade Compliance department is primarily comprised of the areas of Customs Management, Product Compliance, and Trade Controls.

Our global team of trade compliance professionals works closely with business areas, supply chain units and local subsidiaries to provide guidance, oversight and governance in a constantly changing regulatory environment. To stay ahead of shifting trends, we place paramount importance in forging trusted relationships with our regulating authorities to ensure the highest level of supply chain continuity for our customers.

Custom Management

To ensure the movement of products through customs jurisdiction is unobstructed by regulatory inefficiencies. Notable responsibilities include customs import management, broker management, foreign trade zone operations, customs export management, import/export filing, origin marking requirements, and free trade agreements implementation.

Product Compliance

To ensure the proper classification of all products and their assignment to applicable regulatory controls. Notable responsibilities include import and export control classifications, customs tariff code classifications, and product review in new product introductions.

Trade Controls

To ensure that all business transactions are properly screened. Responsibilities include license management, order review and release, sanctioned party list screening, deemed export and controlled technology reviews, site registrations maintenance, embargo restrictions, and regulated chemical/ethanol program management.

Effective Trade Compliance Programs

The Trade Compliance department establishes effective compliance programs to ensure regulatory compliance throughout the entire supply chain.

The product portfolios of life science companies are exposed to national and international regulations which impose various license, registration and reporting requirements. In collaboration with our business units and external business partners, our Trade Compliance department establishes effective compliance programs to ensure regulatory compliance throughout the entire supply chain.

Trade Compliance Expertise

Our commitment to Trade Compliance excellence allows our global customers access to an expanding portfolio of highly regulated products.

We provide efficient and compliant control processes for critical and highly regulated products that are subject to a variety of national and international control regimes, which include but are not limited to:

  • Control of Drug Precursors and Narcotic Substances (e.g. INCB or DEA)
  • Export Control of Dual Use Goods and Technology (Wassenaar Arrangement, Australia Group, NSG, MTCR)
  • Chemical Weapons Convention and Biological Weapons Convention
  • Control of Ozone Depleting Substances and Hazardous Substances (e.g. Montreal Convention or PIC Convention)

We have a network of trade compliance professionals located in more than 30 countries worldwide, that is responsible for a broad service portfolio.

Our local presence and profound regulatory experience that is represented in all important market regions allows our company to manage country specific import and exportation requirements in a cost effective and legally compliant way. Our service portfolio includes but is not limited to:

  • Licensing, registration and reporting procedures
  • Denied party screening and embargo controls
  • Export control classification, customs tariff classification
  • Excise duty management
  • Free trade agreements
  • Free trade zones and bonded warehouses
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