Photoreactor in organic synthesis lab for photoredox catalysis

Photoredox catalysis is a powerful tool in organic chemical synthesis that utilizes visible light to power a chemical reaction. Widespread adoption of visible light photoredox catalysis has been dependent on access to photocatalysts and a reliable light source. We’re pleased to support your photocatalysis endeavors to create new bonds and rapidly assemble complex products.  

Chemists have long struggled with reproducibility in photoredox chemistry. Both varied reaction setups and individual reactions performed with the same setup can be tricky. Our new labware seeks to alleviate these issues by providing photoreactors for each stage of reaction development, while ensuring high levels of consistency across photocatalytic reactions and between runs.

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 Our photoreactors serve as reliable visible light sources  for a variety of applications and reaction scales:  

  • The Photo KitAlysis starter kit is perfect for screening of 24 micro-scale simultaneous photocatalytic reactions for reaction optimization.
  • The SynLED Parallel Photoreactor enables small-scale reactions for rapid library generation by running 16 simultaneous reactions in 2 dram vials.
  • Penn PhD combines LED illumination, mechanical stirring, and cooling into one device while accepting reaction vials from 1 mL up to 40 mL, allowing chemists to streamline synthetic sequences.
  • The Bio-Photoreactor BPR200 utilizes LED illumination and a self-cooling heat sink for applications in parallel photoredox reactions, covalent labeling of biomolecules, and experiments using living cells.
  • The LightOx PhotoReact 365 provides UV illumination suitable for photochemical and photobiological high-throughput screening reactions.

Please refer to our photocatalysis technical article to determine which photoreactor is most suitable for your needs.
With a continuously growing portfolio of acridinium, iridium and ruthenium catalysts, and other metal-free organic photocatalysts and ligands, we provide a broad range of complex photoredox catalysts for any reaction design. Our KitAlysis™ screening kits enable chemists to quickly and efficiently find good reaction conditions for a wide range of photoredox catalyzed reactions.

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