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Stainless Steel Connectors, Valves & Mixers

NovAseptic® hardware, a range of high-performing risk-free fluid handling components, exceeds the requirements for clean, sanitary processes. With our wide range of mixers, valves and connectors, you can easily improve the safety, quality, potency, and purity of your product while minimizing processing time.

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NovAseptic® mixers

NovAseptic® mixers

Designed to meet a wide variety of applications, our complete line of NovAseptic® mixers offers durability and easy maintenance while providing you with superior mixing performance and operational efficiency. Dismantling a NovAseptic® mixer is easy thanks to its bottom-mounted design, removing the need to lift the system.

  • Enhanced performance
  • Easy to clean and sterilize in place (CIP/SIP)
  • Magnetically coupled
  • Bottom mounted
  • Reduce mixing time for difficult-to-mix solutions
  • Improved operational and economic efficiency
  • Full documentation support and materials traceability
NovAseptic® valves

NovAseptic® valves

Our valves and valve combinations (12 mm to 76 mm) provide a wide range of cost-effective, aseptic solutions that comply with rigorous CIP/SIP requirements. Designed to eliminate dead legs and minimize hold-up volumes, NovAseptic® valves offer optimal process efficiency. Constructed with diaphragm materials such as EPDM, silicone elastomers, and PTFE, our aseptic valve design enables you to compress and simplify the design of your process, reduce your validation work, and save time and money.

  • No dead legs
  • Low hold-up
  • Reduced validation efforts
  • Available for a variety of applications
  • Full documentation support and materials traceability
Stainless NovAaseptic® steel connectors

NovAseptic® connectors

NovAseptic® connectors can be used to simplify connecting sampling tools, valves, sensors, and other devices that interface with your tank, system, or process pipe work. With their flexible design, NovAseptic® connectors work with a wide range of equipment using TriClamp connections and can easily be fitted with blind caps without affecting the aseptic qualities of your system.

  • No dead legs
  • Low hold-up
  • Flexible and aseptic design
  • Tank connected and in-line versions
  • Easy maintenance
  • Material certificates and full documentation
  • Spare parts availability 

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