Sterile Sampling

Closed sterile sampling provides you with the safety you need when sampling in your manufacturing process. NovaSeptum® GO sterile sampling systems and NovaSeptum® SURe sterile sampling assemblies are perfect closed sampling solutions that significantly reduce the risk of cross-contamination and give you representative samples throughout your process. Solutions include NovaSeptum® SURe sterile sampling assemblies for single-use manufacturing processes, or NovaSeptum® GO sterile sampling systems, designed to connect to any stainless-steel unit operation.  

  • Closed Design: Protects the integrity of your process and sample.
  • Easy to use: Plug and play options with a choice of connection and a range of containers.

Explore NovaSeptum® SURe assemblies for single-use processes

Explore NovaSeptum® GO systems for stainless steel or multi-use processes


From bioreactor to final filling, NovaSeptum® sterile sampling provides biomanufacturers with consistent and representative samples to analyze pH, conductivity, cell viability, metabolites, monitor bioburden, and endotoxins level.

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Media Preparation

Monitor and adjust process parameters by sampling for pH, osmolality and/or conductivity.

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Enable aseptic fluid additions to adjust or feed your process.

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Bioburden Reduction

Excellent recovery of microorganisms from all sampling containers, with in-line connection holders that make it easy to add additional bioburden monitoring steps.

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Easy monitoring of bioburden, endotoxin, and quality prior to the next processing step protecting expensive resins from contaminants.

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Sterile Filtration

Sample to demonstrate the effectiveness of your sterile filtration, validated sampling containers ensuring no impact to endotoxin recovery, minimize sample volume of valuable product.

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Final Fill

Seamless integration into your final fill process, high level of security, representative samples.

CHOOSE YOUR NovaSeptum® SURe Sterile Sampling Assembly for your Single-Use Process

To select the best single-use sampling solution for your process, first consider your preferred connection type: heat welding or aseptic connection. The pre-configured assembly is then easily integrated into your process via C-Flex® tubing or an AsepticQuik® connector.

Then identify the appropriate sampling container based on sample volume, type of assay, storage condition, and other key parameters in your sampling plan. Our NovaSeptum® SURe sterile sampling assemblies are standard single and manifold units of three or five containers available in bags, bottles, syringes, or conical tubes.


A collection of industrial valves on a white background, featuring seven valves with metallic bodies and blue elements. The valves vary in size and design, with two larger ones equipped with round handwheels. The assortment suggests diverse applications in flow or pressure control within industrial systems.
Step 1: Select Your Holder

Choose the holder that fits your process: Tri-clamp (TC), In-line or In-Gold®. TC holders are also available preloaded with various container types

A collection of medical equipment, including various types of IV lines, connectors, and other related items, all laid out on a white background. The assortment includes tubing of different lengths and thicknesses, some connected to small white plastic containers for medication or fluid administration. Orange caps seal some tubing ends, and the connectors range from simple to complex, likely for specialized medical procedures.
Step 2: Choose Your Container Format

Choose from a range of bottles, bags, syringes, and conical tubes. These come in a variety of sizes and configurations – single sampling, manifold or preloaded.

A person wearing purple gloves handling a scientific instrument, with another similar instrument lying nearby on a white surface.
Step 3: Add a Crimper for Aseptic Disconnection

Ensure sterility throughout the process. Disconnect your samples using the Novaseptum® manual crimping tool.

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Step 4: Optional Accessories

Designed to maximize ease of use, we have accessories available such as bag racks, port plugs, and security tags.

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